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We’ve been a working commercial production studio for over 28years, providing voiceover services for some of London’s best commercial, corporate, entertainment, games & education providers. We’ve also been lucky enough to form strong relationships with some of the top voiceover agents in town. This experience places in a very unique position – we know what the people who actually hire voiceovers expect in the studio and want to hear on a demo. What makes us different from our competition? Well, That’s for you to decide. But wouldn’t you rather invest your money in some training or record your demo with a working commercial voiceover studio with seasoned VO producers rather than choose someone who simply records demos with limited or no real world experience?

Having trained & recorded their demos with us, many of our clients have successfully signed with some of London’s top voiceover agents. Some of which include: Just Voices, Hobsons, Babble, Vocal Point, Shining Management, The Voice Agency, Castaway, Excellent Talent, Calypso, Talking Heads, Red 24, Soho Voices, Rhubarb, WAM, Earache, Rabbit, Voice Bookers, Sue Terry, Voice Squad, Damn Good Voices, The Voiceover Gallery, Yakety Yak, Lip Service, Q Voice, & Another Tongue to name but a few. We helped them get started in their voiceover career and would love to help you get started too.

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