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JP Orr


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Showreel HQ


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New to voice over? Learn how to get started in this FAB 1 Day workshop

Find out how to get started in voice overs without wasting your time and money in a professional working commercial voiceover studio.

The last 30 years discovering, training & supporting new emerging voices has taught us that no classroom-based workshop, book or online voice over course can give you what you really need to be able to find out if you have the vocal skills needed to get going. Voice over is a “doing thing” and the only way to know if you have what it takes to succeed is to get behind the mic and take direction from established working voiceover producers that will give you professional and honest feedback about how you might, or in some cases might not get started in today’s voiceover arena. Interested? Then this workshop is definitely for you.

This fun and interactive workshop is perfect for beginners of all ages and our honest and professional feedback will help you make that all-important decision about moving forward. No previous voice over or acting experience is needed to attend this studio based workshop and you will learn everything you need to know about how to get started.

  • Recording studio and not classroom-based
  • How the voice over industry works and what is needed to get started
  • Discover your signature voice, age, range & style
  • Understand & explore the 4 core elements to voiceover
  • The different types of voice demos available to you
  • How the internet has changed the way we work
  • Agents & other ways to find work online
  • Microphone technique & the importance of movement
  • Finding the melody & rhythm in a script
  • Scripts and how to mark them
  • How to market your voice & get work
  • Ways to move forward and develop your voice skills further
  • Small class size & plenty of time behind the Mic
  • Individual scripts – plenty of mic time & the chance to learn from others
  • Professional detailed vocal report and evaluation emailed after workshop
  • Free Workshop eBook covering all topics discussed
  • Access to our Member’s Area providing invaluable research and homework
  • Mp3 clips of your workshop performance for self-evaluation
  • £10 off your first 121 personal training session
bio_jp_circle JP has been in the VO business since the age of 21 and has worked on both sides of the glass as a voice over, engineer and producer. He grew up in recording studios and has been a session singer and performer in many musicals such as The Rocky Horror Show, Hair and Godspell. He established “The Showreel” in 1987 with the idea to create a school specifically for voiceover training and showreel demo production. He is a highly respected voiceover producer and vocal coach with over 30 years experience and a BAFTA nomination to his name. He continues to lecture at many top drama schools and universities to share his passion for the “Human Voice”.
  • No previous voice over experience is needed to attend this workshop
  • Please bring your voice, a bottle of water and a pad of paper for notes
  • Refreshments provided throughout the day

This workshop is designed to help you understand your existing voice skills and give you a voice plan that will enable you to build on those skills and prepare to record a voice over demo that will get you work.

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mystery-manJo Medhurst
in the last week

A really big thank you to JP for such a fun, funny, relaxed, informative, professional detailed introduction to the voiceover industry. Realistic, sensitive and constructive feedback was perfectly balanced and I came away feeling much more confident about my voice behind the mic. Now I am left craving more voiceover workshop medication…I got the bug!! Most highly recommended.

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Donald Forbes
Donald Forbes
posted 4 days ago

A very excellent day. Lots of really useful insights from J.P., gleaned from living and breathing the art of Voice Over through many years of experience. Good humoured and slickly managed 'hands on' mic experience that did precisely what was advertised. I certainly intend to go back for more!

C. Dawson
C. Dawson
posted 3 months ago

I really recommend the Showreel if you're interested in going down the voice over path. I did the beginner's workshop and have signed up for a 121 session. JP has a wealth of knowledge and puts everyone at ease with his sense of humour and fun! The studio is kitted out with all the latest equipment and the speed/smoothness that everything runs at is great! The group is small so you get plenty of personal attention. You also get to meet fantastic people with amazing voices!

Celia McClements
Celia McClements
posted 5 days ago

Practical tips and personal coaching delivered by the humorous and experienced JP. A written assessment with specific feedback and further advice followed in less than 24 hours. Worthwhile travelling from Brussels to follow this introductory workshop. I will consider a more specialised one day course for the next step.

What our clients say

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mystery-manGiovanni del Vecchio
posted 2 months ago

I did my drama voice reel with Mike. Mike had obviously thought about each piece before I’d arrived and he was already prepared with some suggestions for musical settings and sound effects, which I had not been expecting. Mike has a strong musical instinct for what is going to work and a massive library at his fingertips. I appreciated how he listened and how he engaged with what I was trying to achieve. It felt like a collaboration and he was both patient and a perfectionist. While I am really looking forward to the final edit, I was delighted with the experience, and I look forward to returning for my next project.

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