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Got a good voice? Well now you too can quickly learn the “Insider” secrets to starting a career in this lucrative industry & start that Voiceover career you’ve always dreamed of…

1 day voiceover workshop

Is Voice Over For You?
A one day workshop with JP Orr

Maybe you’ve been thinking about this for a while, but for whatever reason you haven’t been able to actually get motivated. Or, maybe you feel it’s a “Closed Shop” and there’s no room for “New” voices within the Industry. Or maybe you want to get started but need a working Pro to fill in the “Blanks” on how to really succeed without wasting your time & money.

You also may be thinking that £125 is “cheap” for a 1 Day Workshop? Well, we prefer to think of it as a cost effective way of finding out if you should invest you time & money in finding out if you have what it takes to be successful in this business. We have no “Celebs” promising to pass on their “secret tips” on how they made a fortune using their voice. Just working industry professionals that will tell you if you have the “skill set” needed to move forward. So, whatever your reasons for waiting, we can help.

You will learn

  • How to get started without wasting your time or money
  • What it really takes to become a successful voice artist
  • Step By Step guide to lifting the words “off” the page
  • The “insider” techniques used by professional voice artists. You won’t find these on any other workshop
  • What you need to know before you produce your Showreel
  • How to approach the voice agencies without putting them off
  • The latest tips and techniques for marketing yourself online & how to set up a “home studio”
  • Class size limited to 6 people only
  • Individual honest professional feedback guaranteed
  • All Workshops start at 11am and finish at 5pm
  • You can now choose our Workshop Package: The Beginners Workshop & a discounted follow up 1-2-1 session
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    About Your Tutor JP

    JP ORR

    JP has worked for over 25 years in the London voiceover scene and is considered to be one of the best in the business. He has been asked to lecture at many top Drama Schools including RADA and LAMDA and with over 8,000 voice demos to his name it’s no wonder he works closely with some of the best voice agencies in town. As a voice producer, he has a reputation for “perfection” – nothing leaves his studios without his personal seal of approval. He is the owner and founder of The Showreel.

    Whatever your reasons for waiting, we can help you get motivated & start making money in voiceovers

    There are many crucial things all “Newcomers” to this industry must know before they “Dive In” and record a voice demo they may end up not using. “Insider” knowledge that will cut months off your learning curve. “Little-Known” secrets that most voice over artists’ pick up only after years of working on the London circuit. Tips and tricks, that once learned, will dramatically accelerate your chances of getting a voice agent and regular work in this competitive Industry.

    “This Workshop will give you “The Heads Up” and the “Head Start” that so many other workshops fail to deliver”……. Simon Jacobs London

    Beginners Workshop Testimonials

    Elizabeth Ollier


    Christabel Davy


    Rachel Chisholm


    Sue Ferguson


    Robert Willox


    Michael G0rdon


    Robert Eldridge


    Jane Arnfield


    So, who is this Voiceover Workshop for?

    In a nutshell, it’s for anyone who wants to learn more about voiceover and:

    • Has been told they have a good voice & should do voiceovers
    • Is looking to learn more about the VO Industry & How it all works
    • Wants to find out if their voice is really marketable in today’s climate
    • Is concerned about recording a voice demos if they won’t get work from it

    In other words, this Workshop is for anyone who wants an honest, professional assessment as to whether or not they could make money in this business.

    Fun, Comprehensive and Interactive.

    This workshop is specifically designed to give you the information and skills you simply must have before you spend your “Hard-Earned” money on a Voice Showreel you may end up not using.

    Everyday we get calls and emails from people who want to know how to get started and they come from all walks of life not just from the “Acting” side. In fact we’ve taught news readers, after dinner speakers, sales reps, teachers, actors, DJs, dentists, presenters, vets, lawyers, painters, bio-chemists and even “Brian” a Concord pilot (seriously) and have come to understand that just because people “tell” you, you’ve got a good sounding voice doesn’t mean you should drop everything and make a Showreel.

    voice over workshop

    Learn the skills needed to compete with working VO professionals.

    Packed with “insider” information and loads of “Tricks and Techniques on how to succeed in today’s industry, this workshop gives you the opportunity to learn the skills and techniques used by working professionals. Small class sizes of no more than 6 students allows you plenty of time behind the microphone and the chance to experience what it’s really like to be in a commercial recording situation while being directed by one of London’s most experienced Voice Producers.

    We guarantee that having attended this voice workshop your will, with our help make an educated decision about whether voiceover’s for you. If it is, then we will help you move forward. If it’s not, then we will be honest and tell you that you would be wasting your time persuing this line of work.

    This “heads up” will give you that “head start” if you want to make money in Voice-Overs.

    Ok, we know it’s not possible to teach you everything there is to know about voice-over in a single workshop, but we know it will help you decide if voice-over is really the right thing for you to be considering in today’s climate. We also know that you can’t get practical “hands-on” information in any one book, on the internet or at the end of a telephone. We’ve seen and pretty much heard it all and are willing to share our knowledge with you to help you get started. After all, you only get one chance to “get it right”. It’s a serious decision you are about to make. We suggest you at least learn the basics before you spend your hard-earned money on a Voice Showreel you’re too embarrassed to send out to anyone.

    The Plan For The Day

    • 11.00: Meet & Greet in the Studio for workshop day overview
    • 11.30: Group Introductions from behind the “Mic”
    • 12.00: Coffee break
    • 12.10: Workshop continues
    • 13.10 : Lunch
    • 14.10: Workshop continues
    • 15.10: Tea break
    • 15.20 : Workshop continues
    • 16.20 : Q&A
    • 17.00 : Pub :-)


    Things To Bring

    This will be a full day workshop so you may wish to bring:

    • A Pad Of Paper
    • A Pencil
    • A Bottle Of Water
    • Your Body & Your Voice



    There are many great cafes right next to the studios.

    They all do FAB sandwiches and most excellent coffee.
    You may want to pick up something on your way to the Workshop or take the time to eat out on your lunch break.

    Our Honesty Policy.

    In our time as a voice company we’ve also been lucky enough to work with the best voice agents in London. The information you will learn on this workshop is based on their feedback and will teach you what they “really” want to hear in a demo and more importantly what they expect from you as a voice artist. Unlike some of our competitors, we won’t produce a reel for anyone that we truly believe will have no chance of success in this industry. That’s just the way we are! Yes we’re in business to make money, but our reputation is worth more to us than just taking money from people who shouldn’t consider this line of work. We’re incredibly honest and will tell you if you’d be wasting your time, energy and money trying to pursue something that ultimately is not for you.

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    A “4 step voice over plan” that works!

    Our Logo goes on every demo we produce. A badge we’ve earned by not “just turning out” voice demos that have no chance of getting our clients work. That’s why the top London agents choose us to produce their client’s voiceover demos. But don’t take our word for it. Call them and ask them. Most will send you to us to “cut” your reel. Why? Because they know we offer a proven process for our all our clients. A voice over plan that works!

    • Learn the skills needed to get started.
    • Put these skills into practice.
    • Record your Showreel.
    • Learn the marketing skills needed to succeed.

    Most people who want to “break in to Voice-Over” actually have no idea what’s really involved.

    They just “dive in” often wasting time, energy and money promoting a “poorly prepared” demo that gets no results, eventually becoming so frustrated that they end up giving it to friends and family as Christmas presents. We don’t want this to happen to you! As we’ve said, attending this workshop will not instantly make you a voice artist or indeed teach you all you’ll need to know to become one, but we know it will help you decide if this line of work is really for you. If it is, then we’ll help you plan to record a Voice Demo that will actually stand you a chance of getting you work.

    Decision time

    As with most things in life, you will never know how far you can go if you never take that first step. So if you’ve ever wondered if you have what it takes, or are fed up being “complimented” on your voice and want to finally do something about it, we’re giving you the chance to “really” find out by putting you “behind” the microphone.

    Catherine Whale:
    “There’s a reason why London’s top voice agents use JP and ‘The Showreel’ for training, and having spent a day in his company for a workshop, it soon became clear as to why. The session was both relaxing and highly informative. I now feel that I’m armed with enough knowledge to be able to attack the voice market with confidence, having picked up numerous ‘do’s and don’ts’ and insider tips about the business, from someone who actually knows what he’s talking about”!

    Danny Rahim:
    “After having numerous recommendations I decided to go with JP for the day workshop before doing my full package. What a fantastic choice! JP was extremely helpful and attentive throughout the whole process and really made you feel at ease and relaxed. After finishing the day course I booked the full voicereel package with him that same evening… Thats how good he was! This guy clearly knows his stuff and what I loved the most was that he was completely happy to share a few trade secrets which he has learnt over the years. I know lots of artists who are very protective over their ‘tool box’ but JP is not one of them.I spent a lot of time searching… Save yourself the time”!

    Geraldine Whitfield:
    “I traveled from Derbyshire to attend JP’s workshop and it was definitely worth the trip. Every one present received individual attention and the general information was of great interest and covered all angles of the voice industry. It was also great to have the opportunity to ask as many a questions as one wanted at any point during the day. JP was highly recommended to me and I in turn will highly recommend him!”

    More Testimonials

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    Our Workshops are held once a week at our Studios in Central London. The Workshop Starts at 11am and finishes at 5pm. Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 6 people and are secured on a first come first served basis. All sessions are very relaxed and there is no need to prepare in any way. We’ll provide all the course material you’ll need. Just bring yourself and a small sandwich in case you fall into a coma!

    Full payment is required upon booking to confirm your place. All workshops start at 11am and finish at 5pm.

    We hope you’ll learn things that will compliment the knowledge you may have already acquired on other voiceover workshops. If however you truly feel you have wasted your time by coming to see us, there is a FULL money back guarantee, no questions asked.

    Workshop Terms & Conditions

    Line Breaker2

    Ok, apologies about this bit, but it’s important that you know how we run our studios.

    • We can’t secure your chosen workshop date without payment confirmation. Once payment has been received, your workshop place will be in the diary!
    • We also require 5 working days notice if you are going to cancel your workshop session. Then your payment will be used to secure a new workshop date that suits you. Otherwise unfortunately you will forfeit your workshop payment as your place could have been given to someone else.

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    Book early to avoid disappointment

    We limit the number of students in each class to allow the best training opportunity for everyone. This means that you may not always be able to get into a particular workshop or seminar. We do, however, maintain a waiting list policy that ensures that you will be able to take the appropriate class as soon as possible.

    Remember: Our Workshop Package now lets you choose this Beginners Workshop & a discounted personal 1-2-1 post workshop training session

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