intro voiceover workshop


Have a good voice but not sure how to use it? Well, now you can find out how to get started in voiceovers without wasting your time and money in a professional working commercial studio.

Is Voice Over For You?
A One Day Studio-Based Workshop with JP Orr

Workshop Time: 10.30am – 4.30pm

beginners price We’ve learned many things over the last 30 years training & helping new emerging voices get started in voice overs and can tell you that no classroom-based workshop, book or online voice over course can give what you really need to be able to find out if you have the vocal skills needed to make money in voice overs. Voice over is a “doing thing” and the only way to know if you have what it takes to succeed is to get behind the mic and take direction from established working professional voice over producers that will give you fair and honest feedback about how you might, or in some cases might not get started in today’s voiceover arena. Interested? Then this workshop is definitely for you.

No previous voiceover experience is needed to attend this workshop 


Workshop Overview

  • What you need to know to get started in voiceovers
  • Getting behind the mic – plenty of individual Mic time
  • Discovering your signature voice, age, range & style
  • The different types of Voice demos – Commercial, Narration, Character & Games
  • How the internet has changed the way we work
  • Physical agents vs online pay to play sites
  • How to set up a home studio & make money from home
  • The 4 core elements to voiceover
  • Microphone technique & the importance of movement
  • Finding the melody & rhythm in a script
  • Scripts and how to mark them
  • Studio etiquette and a typical session overview
  • Vocal Health
  • Marketing your voice & how to get work
  • Ways to move forward
  • Class size limited to 7 people only

What you get

  • Individual scripts – plenty of mic time & the chance to learn from others
  • Professional detailed vocal report and evaluation emailed after workshop
  • Free Workshop eBook covering all topics discussed
  • Access to our Member’s Club providing invaluable research and homework
  • Mp3 clips of  your workshop performance for self-evaluation
  • £10 off your first 121 personal training session

Workshop Preparation

  • No need to prepare, all workshop script material provided
  • Please bring a pad of paper to make notes
  • Refreshments provided throughout the day

About JP Orr

JP Orr

JP has been in the VO business since the age of 21 and has worked on both sides of the glass as a voice over, engineer and producer. He grew up in recording studios and has been a session singer and performer in many musicals such as The Rocky Horror Show, Hair and Godspell. He established “The Showreel” in 1987 with the idea to create a school specifically for voiceover training and showreel demo production. He is a highly respected voiceover producer and vocal coach with over 30 years experience and a BAFTA nomination to his name. He continues to lecture at many top drama schools and universities to share his passion for the “Human Voice”.

Starter 121 Session – Add-on to Workshop Booking

When booking this Intro Workshop, you also have the option to book our Starter 121 Session. This 1 hour extended training time will take you out of the workshop scenario and focuses on giving you personal time behind the Mic. Experience has taught us, that after attending our Intro Workshop, people want to get back behind the Mic as soon as they can. Well, this great cost-effective add-on is the perfect way to help you decide if you should consider investing more time in planning to record a demo with us without breaking the bank as well as keeping the momentum going after the workshop.

* This session is held on a different day to your chosen workshop date. Once booked, we will send you a Session Code that you can easily use to choose a date and time that suits you.

Interested? then simply select the Starter 121 Session option below when making your workshop booking.

Please choose whether you want a Weekend or Weekday session and choose a date to book your session

Danny Shaw:
“What a great experience! Not some stuffy classroom lecture but an informal yet structured workshop held in an actual recording studio with a perfect blend of theory and practice. You get a lot out of the 6 hours, but you leave wanting more! Can’t wait to get back in for my 1-to-1 sessions”

David Barker:
“The one-day workshop was a brilliant introduction to the world of voiceover work. JP’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious, and all six of us learned a huge amount during the day. On top of that, we each got several chances to test ourselves behind the mic – and on each occasion, JP’s feedback was precise and incredibly helpful. For all of us, the second read of each script was invariably way better than the first. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to find out what’s involved in voiceover work and whether they might have a shot at a career in the field”

Nadine Crowe:
“I would highly recommend JP’s workshop to anyone looking for an introduction to the world of voiceovers. The workshop was fun, well-paced, informative, and the perfect mix of theory and practice. I particularly valued the written feedback that was sent to me shortly after the workshop. It was detailed, honest and constructive. Thank you”

Justin Harris :
“The introductory Voice Over course was a lesson given by someone who packed every minute with insight and great personal experience of the business, all done with a wit and wisdom that put everyone at ease. By the end of it, everyone had learnt to relax and perform to a complete bunch of strangers whilst trying their hardest to remember the myriad of useful hints and tips that had been recommended to them. Thanks JP”

Will Marney:
“I attended the Introduction Workshop after thinking about it for a few months and I am SO glad I did. It was Brilliant! It’s a fantastic studio and JP is a great mentor. Patient and re-assuring but the best thing is the feedback you receive on the day and after, it’s so helpful to have someone honestly tell you if you have the voice you think you have. It’s packed with useful information and great advice as well as plenty of Mic Time. I would recommend this to anyone who is thinking of getting started in Voiceover Work”

Who Is This Workshop For?

In a nutshell, it’s for anyone of any age who wants to learn how to get started in voiceovers, get out of a classroom situation & into a working profession studio environment to learn what’s really needed to get going in voicovers and:

          • Has been told they have a good voice & should be doing voiceovers
          • Wants to learn more about this great industry & how it all works without spending loads of money
          • Has always wanted to get behind the mic to see what it takes to be a working voice artist
          • Wants honest feedback from established industry working professionals

In other words, this workshop is for anyone who wants an honest, professional assessment as to whether or not they could make money in this business. Having a voice is one thing, knowing how to use behind the mic is another. Voiceovers are our life, it’s all we do and we like to think we are pretty good at it. The last 28 years training new emerging voices have taught us many things, but the main thing it has taught us is that ‘no one plans to fail, they fail to plan’. This workshop will help you discover the skills you already have, give you a voice plan that will enable you to build on those skills and record a voiceover demo that will get you work.

There are never any promises in this business, but here at Showreel HQ,  we promise that you will leave this workshop being able to make  an educated decision about whether voiceover is for you. If it is, then we will help you move forward. If it’s not, then we’ll  be totally honest with you and tell you that you would be wasting your time pursuing this line of work.

Fun, Comprehensive & Interactive.

Because of our reputation as one of London’s top voiceover training & demo facilities, we get calls and emails every day from people who want to know how to get started in voiceovers and they come from all walks of life, not just from the ‘acting’ side. In fact we’ve taught news readers, after dinner speakers, sales reps, teachers, actors, DJs, dentists, presenters, vets, lawyers, painters, biochemists and even Brian a concord pilot (seriously) and have come to understand that just because people say you’ve got a good sounding voice doesn’t mean you should drop everything and record a demo.

Ok, we know it’s not possible to teach you everything there is to know about voiceover in a single workshop, but we know this particular workshop will help you decide if voiceover is really the right thing for you to be considering in today’s climate. We also know that you can’t get practical ‘hands-on’ information in any one book, on the internet, via skype or at the end of a telephone. The only true way to find out if you have what is needed is to get behind the mic and try it for yourself. Voiceover is a ‘doing thing’ and the more you do it, the better you get at it. It’s that simple and we can help you explore more.

We’ve seen and pretty much heard it all over the last 25 years and are excited to share our knowledge with you to help you get started. After all, you only get one chance to ‘get it right’… Right? It’s a serious decision you are about to make here, so we suggest you, at least, learn the basics before you spend your hard-earned money on a voice demo you’re too embarrassed to send out to anyone.

Our Honesty Policy.

The skills & top tips you will learn on this workshop are based on the honest feedback we receive from the commercial voice agents in London. Yes, we ask them regularly what they are listening out for. We pass on this essential feedback to you so you understand what they really want to hear in a demo and more importantly what they expect from you as a voice artist.

Unlike some of our competitors, we won’t produce a demo for anyone that we truly believe will have no chance of success in this industry. That’s just the way we are! Yes, we’re in business to make money, but our reputation is worth more to us than just taking money from people who shouldn’t consider this line of work. We’re incredibly honest and will tell you if you’d be wasting your time, energy and money trying to pursue something that ultimately is not for you.

Learn The Skills Needed To Compete With Working VO Professionals.

Packed with loads of tricks and techniques on how to succeed in today’s industry, this workshop gives you the opportunity to learn the skills and techniques used by working professionals. Small class sizes allow you plenty of time behind the microphone and the chance to experience what it’s really like to be in a commercial working recording studio while being directed by one of London’s most experienced voice producers. There are many crucial things all newcomers to this industry simply must know before they dive in and record a voice demo they may end up not using. ‘Insider’ knowledge that will cut months off your learning curve. ‘Little-Known’ secrets that most voice over artists’ pick up only after years of working on the London circuit. Tips and tricks, that once learned, will dramatically accelerate your chances of getting a voice agent and regular work in this competitive Industry.

Most People Who Want To ‘Break In To Voiceover” Actually Have No Idea What’s Really Involved.

They just “dive in” often wasting time, energy and money promoting a ‘poorly prepared’ demo that gets no results, eventually becoming so frustrated that they end up giving it to friends and family as Christmas presents. We don’t want this to happen to you! As we’ve said, attending this workshop will not instantly make you a voice artist or indeed teach you all you’ll need to know to become one, but we know it will help you decide if this line of work is really for you. If it is, then we’ll help you plan to record a voice demo that will actually stand you a chance of getting you work. This workshop is specifically designed to give you the information and skills you simply must have before you spend your ‘hard-earned’ money on a voice showreel you may end up not using.

Decision time

As with most things in life, you will never know how far you can go if you never take that first step. So if you’ve ever wondered if you have what it takes, or are fed up being “complimented” on your voice and want to finally do something about it, we’re giving you the chance to “really” find out by putting you “behind” the microphone.

Catherine Whale:
“There’s a reason why London’s top voice agents use JP and ‘The Showreel’ for training and having spent a day in his company for a workshop, it soon became clear as to why. The session was both relaxing and highly informative. I now feel that I’m armed with enough knowledge to be able to attack the voice market with confidence, having picked up numerous ‘do’s and don’ts’ and insider tips about the business, from someone who actually knows what he’s talking about”!

Danny Rahim:
“After having numerous recommendations I decided to go with JP for the day workshop before doing my full package. What a fantastic choice! JP was extremely helpful and attentive throughout the whole process and really made you feel at ease and relaxed. After finishing the day course I booked the full voicereel package with him that same evening… That’s how good he was! This guy clearly knows his stuff and what I loved the most was that he was completely happy to share a few trade secrets which he has learnt over the years. I know lots of artists who are very protective over their ‘tool box’ but JP is not one of them.I spent a lot of time searching… Save yourself the time”!

Geraldine Whitfield:
“I traveled from Derbyshire to attend JP’s workshop and it was definitely worth the trip. Everyone present received individual attention and the general information was of great interest and covered all angles of the voice industry. It was also great to have the opportunity to ask as many questions as one wanted at any point during the day. JP was highly recommended to me and I in turn will highly recommend him!”

Martin Eisens:
“The Voiceover Intro course was everything I needed to make an accurate decision on whether this career option is for me. Highly recommended”

Workshop Testimonials