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121 Vocal Training

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Explore, develop and improve your vocal skills with our personal training sessions.

Being in a workshop situation is a great way to learn from you fellow voice mates. Not only do you get a chance to speak in front of an audience, it shows you the necessary VO skills needed before you’re ready to perform in front of a paying client.

Our 121 voice training sessions are the next step in developing, growing and fine-tuning your Commercial and Narrative voice over skills. Getting back behind the mic will give you that competitive edge and get you closer to recording a voice over demo that will get you work.

  • Improve your vocal confidence
  • Gain control of melody and timing in your delivery
  • Find the right vocal energy needed for any read
  • Build your script interpretation and markup skills
  • Improve your sight reading and develop natural script flow
  • Increase your ability to take direction
  • Discover your personal voiceover niche
  • Plan material to include on your demo
  • Mp3 clips after every training session for self-evaluation
You can also purchase a pack of 3 1-hour 121s at a reduced price of only £65 a session – £195 for 3 x 1-hour sessions.

When you make a purchase, you will be sent a unique code that will allow you to make your 3 bookings.

Your code is valid for 3 months, and you can make any bookings for any future available date prior or beyond this.

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These personal 121 training sessions are a great way to move forward having attended our Beginner’s Voiceover Workshop or for people who’ve had previous voiceover training elsewhere and want to focus on specific aspects of their vocal delivery before they record a demo with us.

You can choose as many 121 sessions as you wish and hear yourself grow from session to session. Please remember, that although all 121 sessions are recorded, any mp3 clips provided are for self-evaluation purposes only and should not be used in any way as demo material as you will not be covered by our music license.

If you live outside London & have to travel to get to us, you can always choose a 2-hour session to make your journey time worthwhile.

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What our clients say

Sam Carelse
Sam Carelse
posted 2 months ago

The Intro Workshop with JP was excellent. I got what I wanted out of the workshop, which was to assess whether voice over work would be something I might enjoy doing, and to get a realistic evaluation of my skills. The group size was just right too. We got a good wide-ranging overview of the voice over industry, which gave us good jumping off points for further investigation. JP was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, and made us feel at ease very quickly. Highly recommended.

posted 7 hours ago

Had my session with JP and could not be happier. He was recommended to me by many industry proffessionals and I was not disappointed! From start to finish his advice, direction and expertise have been invaluable. Do not hesitate to use these guys. I payed for the Mix and Match reel and have got myself three reels that I couldn't be happier with.

Sue Peart
Sue Peart
posted 4 weeks ago

Really enjoyed the one-day taster session I went to yesterday. It was enjoyable (first and foremost), but also hugely informative and great to get some practice behind the mic in a proper commercial studio. We learnt as much from the others on the workshop as from ourselves - interesting voices and a very friendly, supportive energy in the group. Highly recommend.

What our clients say

mystery-manGiovanni del Vecchio
posted 2 months ago

I did my drama voice reel with Mike. Mike had obviously thought about each piece before I’d arrived and he was already prepared with some suggestions for musical settings and sound effects, which I had not been expecting. Mike has a strong musical instinct for what is going to work and a massive library at his fingertips. I appreciated how he listened and how he engaged with what I was trying to achieve. It felt like a collaboration and he was both patient and a perfectionist. While I am really looking forward to the final edit, I was delighted with the experience, and I look forward to returning for my next project.

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