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A great voice over demo will get you hired. A bad one will let you down …

If you want to get started in voice overs, then you’ll need a great voiceover demo. Below is a selection of the voice over demos we’ve produced for our clients here at Showreel HQ. These voice over demo examples cross many genres and will show you the quality you can expect if you choose to train and record your demo with us. We’re also busy commercial recording studio, so unlike many demo producers, we actually produce the type of material for real clients that you might want to have on your demo. So this makes us feel confident that we know better than most what should go on your demo that stands you a chance of getting work.

We strive to give all of our clients a truly personal experience in the studio and promise to produce a truly bespoke demo for you that actually stands you a chance of getting work in today’s voice over arena. Our many years of experience in this area gives us a unique insight into what works. And as a busy commercial recording studio, we work on producing actual content on the types of reads that might go on your demo. Therefore, you can trust us to know what works, and what doesn’t

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If you have any questions about our demos, please get in touch and we’ll happily answer any questions you might have.


The perfect demo to get you an agent and find work on P2P casting sites, Mandy, Spotlight and more

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Show all your vocal skills in one demo!  3 reels – Commercial, Narrative & Games/Character

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If funny voices are your thing, then this demo will get you closer to breaking into the animation & games market.

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Interested in audiobooks?  Break into the lucrative audiobook market with this demo

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A cost-effective and great way to get started on the voice over ladder

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If you’re looking to get into Corporate Narrative work, there are some samples of the demos we’ve produced.

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We also do demos in many different languages. Please let us know if you’re interested in a foreign language demo.

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Claire Carrol
Radio Drama Demo.

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Simon Poland
Radio Drama Demo

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What our clients say

What our clients say

mystery-manGiovanni del Vecchio
posted 2 months ago

I did my drama voice reel with Mike. Mike had obviously thought about each piece before I’d arrived and he was already prepared with some suggestions for musical settings and sound effects, which I had not been expecting. Mike has a strong musical instinct for what is going to work and a massive library at his fingertips. I appreciated how he listened and how he engaged with what I was trying to achieve. It felt like a collaboration and he was both patient and a perfectionist. While I am really looking forward to the final edit, I was delighted with the experience, and I look forward to returning for my next project.

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