Project Description


What voice are you? Getting it right is important

Young, bright, intimate, warm, fresh, mature, natural, energetic, cool, smooth, cheeky, persuasive…?

Describing your voice in VO industry terms is a tricky thing to get right, but it’s essential if your agent is to market you correctly and if you want to successfully set up your online P2P site’s profile to get work.

Your vocal description will help you market yourself on your own website and on any P2P profile page. It tells potential clients before they have clicked your demos the voice they expect to hear for their project.

Yes, we know it’s difficult to describe your own voice and understand the confusion you feel when friends and family give their opinion, but finding those 3 little words that describe your vocal USP is so important and you need to get them right.

Our Intro To Voice Over workshop will give you the heads up on how to describe your voice & market it correctly but below are some great vocal descriptions that will get you thinking!

Choose Wisely:

Refreshing, Natural, Soft, Calming, Effortless, Vibrant, Warm, Crisp, Seductive, Smooth, Lilting, Humorous,  Cosy, Elegant, Compelling, Astute, Comforting, Cheerful, Melodious, Chirpy, Bubbly, Sunny, Self Assured, Magnetic, Loveable, Luxurious, Confident, Engaging, Rich, Likeable, Charming, Engaging, Distinctive, Elegant, Mellow, Full of Charm, Clever, Chatty, Intelligent, Relaxed, Rich, Sophisticated, Honest, Approachable, Commanding, Pally, Genuine, Engaging, Unconventional, Conversational, Real, Cultured, Reassuring, Gravitas, Natural, Cool, Versatile, Casual, Girly, Chatty, Trusting, Wry, Intelligent, Vibrant, Authoritative, Deadpan, Expressive, Clever, Sparky, Lively, Punchy, Breathy, Sassy, Straight, Sparkling, Vibrant, Sensuous, Posh, Clever, Creative, Exciting, Playful, Husky, Friendly, Reassuring, Clear, Friendly, Funny, Versatile, Cultured, Sophisticated, Bright, Upbeat, Confident, Cool, Modern, Light, Youthful, Engaging, Playful, Natural, Positive, Charming, Intimate, Excitable, Soothing, Dynamic, Fresh, Sultry, Comforting, Sincere, Enthusiastic, Relaxed, Genuine, Soft, Cute, Original, Assured, Smooth, Chirpy, Unique, Alluring, Trusting, Believable, Energetic, Playful, Animated, Sweet, Feisty, Familiar, Conversational, Edgy, Welcoming, Clever, Expressive, Up-Beat, Soothing, Distinct, Contemporary, Funky, Fun, Quirky, Comical, Characterful, Intuitive, Believable, Likeable, Real, Expressive, Bright, Natural, Conversational, Streetwise, All-Rounder, Mimic, Presenter, Fun, No-Nonsense, Honest Real, Mellow, Cool. Matey, Calm, Considered, Energetic, Fresh, Young, Charming, Familiar, Wry, Confident, Charismatic, Smiley, Dynamic, Engaging, Sharp, Inimitable, Bright, Talented, Young, Cool, Animated, Easygoing, Friendly, Likeable, Charming, Bloke Next Door, Gravelly, Distinguished, Gruff, Matey, Cheeky, Popular Lad, Characterful, Urban, Natural, Cheerful, Friendly, Energetic, Charismatic, Funny, Likeable, Big, Rich, Deep, Natural, Cool, Edgy, Intimate, Cosy, Laid Back, Easy-Going, Sympathetic, Reassuring, Warm, Gravelly,  Knowledgeable, Mellow, Playful, Familiar, Cheery, Distinguished, Edgy, Modern, Smooth, Down-To-Earth, Good Humoured, Approachable, Confident, Trusting, Legendary, Charismatic, Ironic, Compelling, Dynamic, Humorous, Strong, Commanding, Distinctive, Rich, Lively, Natural, Charming, Witty, Droll, Clear, Vibrant, Matey, Genuine, Fresh, Measured, Laddish, Endearing, Credible, Trusting,  Quietly Confident,  Comedic, Intelligent, Quirky, Whimsical,  Deep, Mellow, Cheeky, Confident, Assured, Distinct,  Chilled, Youthful, Energetic, Witty, Relaxed, Informative, Engaging, Familiar, Considered,  Playful, Big Hearted, Traditional, Dramatic, Laddish, Believable, Merry, Companionable, Entertaining, Laddy, Husky, Captivating, Large, Jolly, Jaunty, Natural Sounding Bloke, Strong, Classical, Engaging, Warm, Seductive, Intimate, Steady, Welcoming, Jocular, Witty, Easy Going, Charming, Blokey, Compelling, Powerful, Informative, Direct,Trusting, Streetwise, Laddish, Cheerful, Laid-Back & Natural, Matey,  Unique, Bold, Rich, Familiar, Lad With an Edge, Smiley, Normal, Everyday Voice,