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Showreel News and Offers


121 Pack Offer – get £10 off each session!

We’re now offering you the means to buy 3 x 1-hour 121 sessions for £10 less than the normal price per session. You can buy a pack of 3 sessions for only £195!

We’ll send you a special code that will allow you to book your sessions when you’re ready.

Next Date: Your Choice

Info: 121 Vocal Coaching, 121 Home Studio Training and VO Business Planning.

121 VO Business Mentoring

We’ve helped a lot of people get their demos recorded but we’re now offering a way for people to get 121 advice on how to build their voice over business. We think this is an excellent next step. These sessions are run by Craig Van Ness who has gone full circle from starting life as a singer, dancer to working as a Management Consultant in the international financial markets, before ‘coming home’ to acting via voice over. Now he is a busy voice actor working on commercials, narratives and audio book commissions. This is a great way to get to some guidance from a business professional who has made a transition to become a busy pro VO.

Next Date: Your Choice

Info: 121 Business Mentoring

121 Audiobook Coaching

We’ve designed these personal 121 Audiobook Coaching sessions to give you the skills needed to be able to audition for any audiobook project from home, create new and “believable” voices for your clients and give you the full skill-set needed to be able to record, edit and deliver your recordings to your clients. You can learn about how to find work, develop your character and narrator voices – these personal training sessions will give you the skills needed to narrate your audiobook projects from home, taught by an experienced audiobook narrator.

Next Date: Your Choice

Info: 121 Audiobook Coaching

New Workshops and Training


Audiobook Workshop with Tamsin Collison – New Date: 31st July


After quickly selling out Tamsin Collison’s last Audiobook Workshop, we’re very happy to be offering a new date of 31st July. This is a great day to learn how the industry works under the direction of a leading audiobook director.

Next Date: 31st July

More Info: Audiobook Workshop

Voice Over Business Planning – the ‘business’ of the voice over business – New Date: 3rd July

After an extremely positive response to Craig’s previous workshops, we’re happy to announce a new date of 3rd July. Learn how to create a solid voice over business plan, understand how to set up and run your voice over business and learn how to make online casting sites work for you. Craig will take you through the details of what to do once you have your demo produced and how you can get to market and put your voice to work.

Next Date: 3rd July

More Info: Voice Over Business Planning

Home Studio Workshop with Mike Charters – New Date: 12th July

Want to learn how to set up your home studio and get going with online-casting sites? Learn what you need, how to set it up, how to record and edit and deliver to your client! Have the technology explained in this very hands-on workshop. And get some great discounts from partners of the Showreel.

Next Date: 12th July

More Info:  Home Studio Workshop

Narrative Masterclass with Dian Perry – New Date: 25th July

This one day workshop will give you the essential “must have tools and techniques” needed to help you sustain and narrate text for corporate, documentary, e-learning, explainers, IVR and much more! If you’ve always wanted to find out what skills are needed to sustain a longer form narrative read or you’re a working pro that simply wants to expand your vocal skills and branch out into a new direction, this masterclass is most definitely for you.

Next Date: 25th July

More Info: Narrative Masterclass


Starter Demo

A great way to get started in the voice over market. Our starter demo is the perfect choice if you want to get started in voice over but don’t yet have the budget for one of our full demo packs.

More Info: Starter Demo

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