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Want to get started in voice overs but don’t yet have the budget to record a full demo?

A cost-effective way to enhance your online presence and get work.

We understand that cost can sometimes be an issue and although this demo doesn’t contain all the voice material to send to voice agents, it’s a great first step in getting your voice heard online. It’s perfect for uploading to your own Website, Spotlight, Mandy and all P2P sites and designed to give casting directors and potential clients a quick and easy way to get an idea of your vocal ability, individual personality and acting skills to see if your voice fits their project. You can always upgrade this demo to a full demo pack along your voice journey if you feel this will work better for you.

  • Commercial Demo: 3 Commercial Reads (max 30 seconds each)
  • Narrative Demo: 1 Narrative Read (max 30 seconds)
  • 1-hour recording time with you in the studio
  • 1-hour editing and mastering
  • 2-hours total production time
  • We provide the scripts for you to choose from
  • Seasoned voice over producer to record your demo
  • Broadcast quality WAV and MP3 files included

Before you recording session, we will email you a selection of scripts that we think will suit your voice, so you can easily choose your demo content. All you need to do is email us your script choices 2 days before your session to allow us time to prepare music and SFX to give you more recording time on the day.

Please note – the narrative read is not fictional but will be a corporate, explainer, documentary, technical, medical, biography, telephony/IVR or museum guide.

Time in the studio goes very quickly, so please be as prepared as possible. This demo pack also includes access to our member’s club, copyright free music, delivery in all media formats for Mandy, Spotlight, Web/Agent Upload, session archiving for 1-year, marketing pack and continued career support.

If you’d like to upgrade your Voice Over Journey Starter Demo to a Full Agent Demo, please get in touch with us and we’ll help you out!

Please Note: “Voice Only” versions of this demo pack will incur an extra charge of £45


If you have any questions about this demo, please get in touch with us from our Contacts page. We’ll happily help you to ensure you get the best possible demo option.


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What our clients say

What our clients say

mystery-manGiovanni del Vecchio
posted 2 months ago

I did my drama voice reel with Mike. Mike had obviously thought about each piece before I’d arrived and he was already prepared with some suggestions for musical settings and sound effects, which I had not been expecting. Mike has a strong musical instinct for what is going to work and a massive library at his fingertips. I appreciated how he listened and how he engaged with what I was trying to achieve. It felt like a collaboration and he was both patient and a perfectionist. While I am really looking forward to the final edit, I was delighted with the experience, and I look forward to returning for my next project.

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