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What our client’s say

Client feedback is really important to us as it helps us grow and change as a company. Below are just some of the comments that have made us the company we are today.

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Kate Nieland

Craig Van Ness is a treasure chest of information and advice. His business acumen in the Voice Over Industry is second to none and in the 3 sessions I have had with him, my brand has improved, my website has improved and my opportunities have expanded. I wanted a tangible business plan to grow my voice over business and thanks to Craig, I achieved that and so much more. Book in a session, you will not regret it.

Charles Robbins

I first did an Intro workshop which I enjoyed. It was daunting though, never having used a microphone or really heard my own voice and with everybody else watching. We all had plenty of time to try out voiceovers and JP gave us comprehensive advice.
I then signed up for the 3 x 121 offer. I have had the first hour. It went well, I was much more relaxed this time.

The facilities and facilitators are excellent, JP, Mike. You will learn a lot from them. Loved it, let’s see how the next hours go
I just had 2 more hours with Craig. Really useful feedback and advice.

Noah Satim

I just finished recording my agent Demo yesterday with JP, and the journey from start to finish has been an absolute joy, to say the least! JP, Craig, and Mike are all just such incredible people, who will do every single thing in their power to help you out on your voice over journey! I feel so incredibly grateful for all of the help and guidance I received, and I would recommend the Showreel studios to anyone and everyone who has ever considered doing any kind of training for voice-over work

Keep up the great work and thank you guys for everything! Here is wishing you all a wonderfully equanimous day, filled with peace, love, health, happiness, and truly so very much more!

With all the Metta in the world to you all today, tomorrow, and every single day of your lives,

Your biggest fan,


Nicholas Georgiou

Excellent, highly recommended, not only is JP very good at what he does, he’s a great guy to boot and the whole thing was very relaxed and productive- the best combination! Very glad I did the Voice Over Workshop with The Showreel.

Alex Midwood

JP answered all questions I had, sent me a lengthy email after a course with improvements and analysis. He’s professional, well equipped knowledge and technology wise, and knows what he’s doing

Dickon Thompson

What a wonderful introduction to the world of the Spoken Word – so ably guided by the professionals at The Showreel. Both JP and Tamsin were able to answer all our questions, giving real world examples and happy to share their expertise with us. I am already planning the next course to take, which mics to audition and taking next steps to a career in VO Life. Thank you to The Showreel for helping me understand the beginnings of this. Great location, very quiet, excellent equipment – they have it all! A+

Kevin Barker

I have just attended the Home Studio Workshop session – an informative and fascinating day and to a novice a day pitched at exactly the right level in order gain the maximum learning. Mike is a patient and brilliantly organised teacher and coach managing what is a very big subject. Very skilful.

Will de Meo

Having used The Showreel for my last commercial reel, many moons ago, I knew I was in safe hands when went in for my session to update it. JP was an absolute delight to work with and reminded me how much fun it can be to be in front of the mic. I am utterly thrilled with my new reel and so far the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I honestly cant thank JP enough for his vision and talent.

Mark Desebrock

I made a Commercial Reel with The Showreel and couldn’t be happier. I invested in buying some 121 sessions before recording, in order to get feedback and feel as confident as I could before recording. JP and Mike were honest, professional, down to earth, absolutely lovely guys to work with. I was very happy with my reel and within 20 minutes (literally) of posting my new Commercial Reel on a Pay 2 Play website, I got offered a VO job, with no audition, that more than covered the cost of making my reel. It paid for itself. Will definitely use them again. Big thanks guys!

Susanna Griffiths

What a brilliant day! JP was relaxed and welcoming and made us feel so comfortable from the very start. It was really informative and useful to learn about the industry and the basics of voiceover work and gave me a solid foundation to start my voiceover journey from. If you’re looking to learn more about working as a voiceover artist, or just want to develop your confidence when publicly speaking, this is the place for you.

stella henney

Mike at Showreel was fantastic! Professional, informative, lots of tips, easy going, focused and genuinely wanting the best voice reel for the individual. I was very pleased with my voice reel and have had some interest already. Highly recommend!!

Mark Phillips

The Intro Workshop at The Showreel was a fantastic and worthwhile experience and I have come away fired up and ready to work on my homework in readiness for my first 1-2-1 session. JP immediately puts you at ease with his vast experience and creates a supportive environment for you to start experimenting with your voice under his direction. I would wholly recommend The Showreel to anyone interested in using their voice commercially or to improve their vocal communication techniques.

Samantha Hook

Whether you seriously want to begin a VO career or you just have a passing interest in the industry, I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough. JP is so generous with his wealth of experience and talent and manages to cram a LOT of information in whilst always keeping things informal, fun and compelling. He then takes the time to give incredibly thoughtful feedback with lots to work on and a ton of resource for going forward. Not only was this an amazing learning experience, it was also a great day spent with some awesome people from a range of backgrounds. All in all, a great experience.

John Hill

Many thanks to Glynne Steele and The Showreel for an inspiring, very enjoyable Acting for the Mic workshop. (I thought I was lucky last year to have such pleasant and interesting co-workshoppers at the introductory day course. This week I found that is the norm!)

Lewis Kingston

Recently did an introductory VO session at The Showreel and came away both grinning and extremely impressed. JP is a phenomenal teacher and manages the remarkable trick of compressing a tremendous amount of information, in an easily understood and remembered fashion, into a comparatively short space of time. Besides being insightful and informative, the session was also fun and rewarding. Highly recommended to anyone, even if you’ve only a passing interest in VO work – you’ll learn a terrific amount.

Rohini Sarkar

Excellent workshop. JP is enthusiastic and clear has a lot of experience in the industry. Really good fun day and you get plenty of mic time! Highly recommend the day.

Mark McKay

Doing an introductory voiceover workshop with JP at the Showreel is an excellent way to learn more about your potential as a voice artist and get some studio time behind the mic. All new to me and very enjoyable. Good people, relaxed atmosphere, and great instruction – with detailed post-workshop feedback that gives me all I need to decide just what my next steps are on the voiceover journey. Great fun and highly recommended.

Alex Ritson

JP is absolutely brilliant. This is the way into the industry – money very well spent. This is the first time I have ever written that I am a 100% satisfied customer!!

Emily McGonagle

Very informative intro to voiceover workshop. Great to have some mic time as well, as it’s the best way to learn!

James Heywood

My Intro to Voice Over Workshop at The Showreel was an eye-opener, in every positive way. JP took us on a Cook’s tour of the voice-over world, urging us to view it realistically, then gave us our first script. Amazing how many differing deliveries of it the group produced! Amazing too to hear my own recording and to get JP’s guidance on how to improve it. The second attempt was better. More scripts in the afternoon and more improvement, with lots more good advice. Throughout, JP was friendly, witty, idiosyncratic and interesting, and treated us all as if we had a possible career ahead of us. JP’s appraisal of my efforts arrived within 24 hours – frank, realistic, positive and very helpful. An excellent workshop! I really feel I have taken my first step on the road to voice-over. Thank you, The Showreel. Thank you, JP.

Mel Drake

I can highly recommend The Showreel and the Intro Voice over Workshop led by JP Orr. I found the workshop informative, useful and thoroughly enjoyable. Honest and accurate feedback given.

Abbas Daya

I started my voiceover artist journey with the Showreel in 2014 and completed my training (fully trained Voice Jedi now!) in 2018 and have loved every moment of it! Not only was it a great learning experience but also great fun and JP and Mike are extremely professional and competent – and a good laugh to boot! They’ve recently helped me produce my acting showreel which looks wonderful and I have no trouble recommending them to anyone contemplating taking the leap into voiceover work or for any audio/visual needs.

Richard Gun Cuninghame

It was very interesting to gain insight into what it takes to get into voiceovers and to have some experience behind the mic. JP made it a fun and informative session. Thank you!


Had my session with JP and could not be happier. He was recommended to me by many industry proffessionals and I was not disappointed! From start to finish his advice, direction and expertise have been invaluable. Do not hesitate to use these guys. I payed for the Mix and Match reel and have got myself three reels that I couldn’t be happier with.

RT Stubbs

Had an excellent day on the Intro to Voiceover workshop with JP. There was a slight trepidation within the group at the very start, but JP soon put everyone at ease and we had an enjoyable and informative course. The feedback provided after …More

Vincent Lai

I had a really lovely time working with Mike. Terrific resources, great suggestions, and a relaxed but productive vibe. I would highly recommend The Showreel to anybody looking to record a Demo Reel.

Daniel Headey

Brilliant. Being a Creative Director I’d spent nigh on 2 decades telling VOs how to say what I’d written. But as I’d always been the performing monkey of the Creative department…and the one who always did test VOs for pitches n’ that I thought I’d try and do it properly. JP is brilliant. Whilst making me realise I don’t know everything….he guided me well. I’m about to put an Agents Demo together with him. Even if you’re not sure about your VO journey…just do it. It’s an experience even if you don’t put a demo together. And you’ll learn loads. (Anyone need a friendly northern and obviously highly masculine voice for any jobs??) Dx

pippa nico

I went to the Showreel recently for the Intro VO Workshop and had a great time. JP was brilliant, put the group at ease and provided loads of insight into the VO world and how to approach it.
It was overall a great experience with a lovely group of people who were also new to it all. JP was great at setting up VO material for each of us individually and also provided really helpful feedback.
I’d definitely recommend giving the intro VO workshop a go if you’re keen or interested in getting into VO work as it was a really informal and friendly atmosphere. I’ll be booking in 121 training soon – Thanks!

Kate Curtis-Evans

A fantastic day!! JP was great, very friendly and immediately put us all at ease with his easy going manner and cheerful demeanour, and so much energy and enthusiasm! In 6 hours we learned so much! Loads of hands on practice, we were thrown in at the deep end, the best way to learn! The feedback throughout the day was constructive and positive, and the individual feedback received afterwards was thorough and was in my mailbox the morning after! Am very keen to get back in the studio so will be booking my 1-2-1 as soon as possible! In the meantime am practicing my jazz hands and smileage! Thank you so much and looking forward to doing more!


I have experienced my first (and not last) voice over workshop training with the Showreel. The Intro Workshop was organized and managed very well. Each and every one of us on the course had plenty of time behind; what was initially thought to be a ‘scary’ mic … but, as we all discovered … not so. We were each carefully prepared via general and personalized voice over scripts that took away, any pending fears, and so, the whole experience flowed as the perfect ‘rhythm and flow’ of a perfectly orchestrated voice over script. Any nerves that we may have experienced, were, again, quickly diluted all the way down to an experience that you wanted more of. Will I choose JP and the Showreel as a whole, to take me on the rest of my voice over journey … Oh-yes! I trust no one else with my voice! My only sadness! I can only award JP (the Showreel) five stars … they deserve ten!

Andy Newell

I did the intial workshop, one to ones and the demo reel. On the whole great fun! The workshop is a day-long affair with a small group of other people. In my case, they were a diverse, friendly bunch, all with completely different voices. It is easy to think other people’s voices are ‘better’, but in truth they are just different. One tip I would give is to practice standing up and reading aloud before attending the first session – this was probably the biggest hurdle for most of us! One to ones are a real chance to develop and ‘get it right’, using reads that are suitable for your type of voice. The demo tape recording feels like a one to one, the difference being that you get to chose which reads to do and get some top quality recordings at the end of it. I would reccommend the course – to be honest I would like to do it all again, just for fun.

Sue Peart

Really enjoyed the one-day taster session I went to yesterday. It was enjoyable (first and foremost), but also hugely informative and great to get some practice behind the mic in a proper commercial studio. We learnt as much from the others on the workshop as from ourselves – interesting voices and a very friendly, supportive energy in the group. Highly recommend.

Ray Bull

JP is brilliant at The Show reel, he has years of quality experience and makes you feel welcome and confident.

Kini Valda

JP is a fountain of knowledge and the whole day was superb. Left feeling inspired and informed and can’t wait to continue my VO journey there!

Jon Paget

Lovely, experienced staff and a great place to record. It’s also in a very central location so great for combining with other London events and traveling by train.

Sinéad Clancy

Just completed the Home Studio Workshop at The Showreel and loved it. I was/am a clueless complete beginner and I now don’t feel so scared or lost about where to begin. There’s always much more to learn but this is a really good starting point. Mike delivered a good course with small numbers which means more attention. The different ability levels of the participants means you gain knowledge from the questions they ask! Recommend highly. Once I get my studio set up I will definitely do the one to one home studio sessions.

Alexandra Vilas-Boas

just did the intro workshop and it was fab, I have no doubt that I will be coming back again and again. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in V.O. JP is a true guru, super knowledgeable, fun, fast, clever, who knows how to make you feel comfortable and safe to give it your best shot…such a pleasure to be taught and directed by you: thanks again!

Nartan Painter

The Showreel is a really fantastic place. It’s the first place I experienced on my Voiceover training journey and it’s still my go-to place in terms of continuing career development and support. They offer tonnes of inspiring and informative workshops in their state of the art studios, and the people that work there are incredibly supportive, always there to help, even remotely. Highly recommended!

Claudia Newman

What a great intro workshop with JD. We had so much fun and really learned a lot in this time. Good to have just a little overview how versatile our voices can be. Looking forwart to my other sessions now.

Neuro Kitty

I’ve now done two workshops + made my demo with JP (complete with expert pre-recording coaching). You get absolute professionalism with this crew, no BS, and the best advice in the business. Cannot recommend them enough. Great place to start and continue your VO career! Nic x

Sam Carelse

The Intro Workshop with JP was excellent. I got what I wanted out of the workshop, which was to assess whether voice over work would be something I might enjoy doing, and to get a realistic evaluation of my skills. The group size was just right too. We got a good wide-ranging overview of the voice over industry, which gave us good jumping off points for further investigation. JP was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, and made us feel at ease very quickly. Highly recommended.


Just had my commercial demo done and some 1-1 training. These guys are sooo good at what they do. Always a fun experience and feel like I learn loads every session. Worth every penny and would highly recommend.

Lizzie Jobling

Hello team at The Showreel.

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all the invaluable training I took part with you guys and wanted to drop you a little update on my VO life!

I managed to resign from my old life (social care) and go full time VO’ing within a month on setting up my studio (thank you mike!)

Since then I’ve been super busy marketing, networking, setting up shop (thanks Craig!)

Amoungst all the corporate jobs a few exciting things are happening too….
Today my first TV ad is being released, and next week my second is released. I’m also the new in store VO for Sainsbury’s, which is awesome.

Non of this would have possible if I hadn’t set the foundations in my first workshop ‘introduction to voice over’ (thanks JP!)

The business course was invaluable Craig. The one to one voice sessions were incredible Mike and the workshop was the best Into into the industry JP.

I constantly recommend you guys to everyone and anyone who’s thinking of getting into the VO industry.

Nothing I have managed to achieved would have happened if it hadn’t been for you.

I really can’t believe il a full time Voice Artist… but I am!! Wahooooo!


Eve Cowley

JP is a wonderful teacher, really engaging and informative. The session was relaxed and good fun. Everyone was lovely, supportive etc- couldn’t recommend it enough!

Martine Painter

I’m loving my Voice Over Journey with The Showreel. Feeling raring to go after last week’s Voice Over Business Planning with Craig Van Ness. Lots of advice from Mike on choosing material for my first narrative demo reel. And back in the studio to record it in a couple of weeks with the expert direction of JP. Fun times and lots of support from these guys.

Kate DQ Brown

The Intro Voiceover Workshop with JP was brilliant. A great fun and informative day with lots of mic time and really helpful information. The post session feedback was also really comprehensive and I have booked a 121 session to continue exploring the opportunities of working as a voiceover artist.

theimageworks – design – video – web

Great fun, professionally organised and great value. JP was warm supportive and enthusiastic and provided huge insight into the V/O world. (Now repeat that into the mic with a bit more warmth and some jazz hands!!)

Pollyanna Colsell

Really great day. Very interesting and informative. JP has a very easy, friendly style. A little scarey but well worth it. I would definitely recommend this workshop.

Philipp M

Professional, informative, and fun. Highly recommend the Showreel to anyone looking to seriously get into voice over or even just to give it a try.

Katrina Malcolm

A fabulous day with JP at the Voiceover Workshop! Great guidance and advice from someone who clearly understands what it takes to get into the VO industry. I’ve booked to go back for a 1-1 session, and can’t wait! I would highly recommend JP and The Showreel.

André Silva

A great , fun training day. Very positive and informative. JP was the positive link that guided us through the world of ‘voice overs’. Helpful and motivating. Looking forward to the future….and all that it may bring .

Ikaros 10032

Amazing and fun experience, and everyone is so very kind and helpful

Andrew Cunningham

This is a superb introduction to voice over workshop. JP brings a huge amount of experience and skill to the course. Not only is the actual course excellent but the pre-course and post-course administration is first class.

Ana magalhães

Amazing experience! Super professional and informative with tons of time in front of the mic. JP really knows his craft and it shows. Can’t wait to try some of their other workshops!


The Showreel, with special mention to JP, hit that balance between professional and relaxed that I absolutely adore. Full of knowledge and very approachable, the courses here are well worth your time.

Brian Little

Just complete the one day Home Studio Workshop with Mike Charters which was excellent. It covered all the important basics about sound from elementary physics to signal processing and also went over the hardware options and available editing solutions together with some editing practice for all. Highly recommended.

David Maxwell

I’ve done two workshops here, had some 121 training and put together a demo reel. Fantastic environment, friendly and professional. The depth and thoroughness of the personal feedback after my intro workshop was extraordinary and quite unexpected. The demo reel was produced to an incredibly high standard. Can’t recommend strongly enough.

Luke Cousins

Absolutely Fab working with these guys, the sessions are so informative and relaxed. Really gives you confidence to move forward and they also don’t beat around the bush, they tell you what your good at and what you need to improve.

Tim Shoesmith

Great session with JP, it is not just the recordings, which are great, it is all the other information and tips that he throws in along the way. Thanks again. Tim

Francis Cox

The intro workshop was relaxed and informative. I was very impressed by instructor JP’s ability to pick just the right scripts for each participant so that no matter their background or experience, everyone was able to shine when they went into the recording booth.


Recorded a narrative demo at the showreel, couldn’t be happier with the result. Excellent quality and speedy turnaround. Producer was very professional and really knew his stuff – felt very relaxed and at ease during the whole recording session. No question I’ll be using them again for my next demo.

Manik S

Highly recommended, and not just for those looking at a career in voiceover!
I have just come to the end of my ‘Voiceover Journey’ package (introductory workshop, three one-to-one sessions, and recording of a short demo reel) and I’ve loved every moment. JP and Mike clearly know their stuff, and have always been friendly, professional and patient. The initial workshop was a great primer, and everything session since then has only become more focused and productive. I’m looking forward to putting the tools to good use, and booking more training further down the line.

Oliver Denny

Very professional and encouraging!

Gary Dunbavin-Hands

Started my Voice Journey with an Intro Workshop in the very capable hands of Jean-Paul Orr, Voice Producer. Learnt top tips (Melody, Breathing, Diction, Timing…) and recorded 3 scripts. Returning for a 1-to-1 session. Would recommend The Showreel (and JP!) for anyone who has an interest in voice work, or just as a great way to learn more about themselves.

joanna pearce

5 stars for the fab ‘Intro to Voiceover’ workshop. JP put us at our ease and made learning easy and fun. The group was small and friendly and we were all supportive of each other. We gained practical experience, loads of info and tips and had lots of laughs. I can’t wait for my 1 2 1 seesions. Thanks JP!

Yvonne Cherry

I’ve attended 2 introductory workshops at The Showreel and really enjoyed both. The group sizes work well and both JP & Mike are really work well with the groups making sure everyone has time to ask questions and interact. They are extremely knowledgable and friendly, putting newbies at ease. Think the sessions are good value for money overall. Sure I’ll be back for more practice and support.

Chris Cain

Had a fantastic & fun day at ‘TheShowreel’ studios with JP & my fellow attendees, for the ‘Intro Workshop’. I learnt a lot & we all had a fair amount of time behind the ‘mic’ & received great and honest feedback from JP, which I can now utilize during my practice, ahead of returning for my 121 sessions … Can’t wait!! Cheers, Chris

Stephen Lafferty

A wonderful day with a great group! JP kept the session light and fun, and was great at providing accurate and positive feedback for immediate improvement. The supporting materials are all useful and clear, and I feel encouraged about a future in voiceover. Thank you!

Vera Afdjei

I took a part in The Voice Over workshop with JP. It was excellent in every way! I learnt a lot. JP’s energy, skills and professionalism created very nice learning environment for our group of seven people. It was great fun for all of us. I will definitely be back to learn some more. Thank you, JP!

Simon Millbourn

Went here a couple of weeks ago after being so curious whether or not this is the industry I want to go into, JP and the crew were so inspiring that I’ve booked a second lesson almost immedialty. If you have any doubt, give them a shot! It will be worth it for just the experience alone. Thanks again!

Anna Chloe Moorey

Great experience, Mike created a really friendly and proactive environment that put me at ease when recording. I learned a lot and was really impressed with the end result of my reels. Thank you!

Genevieve Cope

The introductory workshop with JP was great; delivered with lots of humour but also packed with information and advice about the realities of getting work as a voiceover artist. There was lots of time behind the mic and JP did a great job of putting everyone at ease. The feedback afterwards (received extremely quickly) was detailed, encouraging but also realistic and I came away enthused and inspired.
The two 1-2-1’s with Mike and Craig were also fantastic. Again, both sessions were packed with advice and suggestions. I even felt like I discovered a part of my voice I had never accessed before. The three key things I came away with and that will give me the best chance of finding work as a voice over artist were; lots and lots of practice, really listening to direction and finding the story in the script. I can’t wait for my final 1-2-1 with Mike before recording my demo in a few weeks. Such brilliant and professional training – I wholeheartedly recommend The Showreel.

Simon Ford

JP and Mike are gentlemen professionals. Having never been near a mic before, I was more than a little nervous about a day in the studio for the Intro workshop but JP and Mike were incredibly friendly and succeeded in putting me at my ease immediately. They know exactly how to calm you down so that you can bring your natural voice to the fore. And if you want to get straight to the heart of voice acting JP’s encyclopedic knowledge is an invaluable resource. I have recommended The Showreel to two friends already without hesitation…

Jill Mortimer

The Intro to Voiceover workshop with JP was excellent. The location was great, the information was relevant to starting out in voiceover and really helpful and detailed tips and guidance were given at the session and by email afterwards. Learning about using the voice by reading different types of script was fascinating and there was time and space to talk about the experience of recording these. Overall, the day was really good fun and relaxed. JP was very welcoming, knowledgeable and he tailored the pieces individually, giving advice on each reading. The Showreel put a lot of effort into making the sessions interesting, fun, and gave lots of tips to help build confidence. I loved the day and I am looking forward to learning more about voiceover and having more studio time there.


I started Sessions with Showreel at the beginning of the year and have absolutely loved my courses. Mike is very knowledgeable and a great coach for helping you to reach the full potential of your voice.
I received my Demo reel two weeks ago and am already working to voice over a series of adverts.

If you’ve ever wanted to try using your voice, I recommend Showreel 100%

Alan Leach

The whole day rammed with great advice, hands on experience, in fact, all you could need to start out with your Voice Over career. Essential and hugely entertaining.

Dave Clubb

JP offers a brilliantly entertaining and educational introduction to the ins and outs of voiceover. He showed some of the tricks of the trade to improve technique, and gave the individual group members plenty of chance to practise and improve behind the microphone in his studio, with helpful critique. The time passed very quickly, and by the end of the day I felt I had been shown enough to decide that I wanted to progress further in the art and science of voiceover. Great value if you think this might be your thing, and he promises honesty !

Maria Busco

As a complete beginner, I can say that The Intro to Voiceover Workshop with JP has been amazing to have right (and clear) information on how to improve and dive deeper into the VO realm.
I would highly recommend the experience to anybody who has an interest in the discipline!
Joanna Lee

A great session with JP recording my Agent Demo. I’ve come away very encouraged and positive and can’t wait to hear the finished product. Thank you so much!

James Falkner

A fantastic experience. Really friendly and professional. My head is still buzzing with everything I learned.

Martine Painter

I did the Intro to Voiceover workshop and it was a really dynamic, inspiring experience. I learnt such a lot in just this one session and came away really excited thinking about all the stuff we’d covered. JP leads the session brilliantly as he is down to earth, encouraging and has a great feeling for how to communicate with each person in the room to bring out their best performance behind the mic. The workshop was followed up with really detailed feedback and you feel there’s genuine interest for your journey into VO work. I will definitely be doing more workshops!

Alice Bengtsen

Great day learning about the industry from real experts, meeting like minded folk and gaining confidence to go ahead and record something


Hands-on, competent and patient teaching from Mike, and great discounts on equipment worth the cost of training many times over

Mark Highfield

I really enjoyed attending the voice over workshop and JP gave me some really useful tips which has encouraged me to continue voice over training with The Showreel.

Clare Farrow

It was a great pleasure to work with Craig on a voiceover piece for an exhibition project in London. I am very pleased with the results and am grateful for his advice and thoughts.

Tara Al Dugh

JP’s Intro to Voice Over Workshop was so informative, fun, friendly, and left me thirsty for more. JP is also a generous and comfortable-to-be-around instructor whose years in the business are evident in his delivery of knowledge. You couldn’t have simply googled it – a one of a kind experience! Thank you JP

Will Jeffs

Thanks to Mike’s personalised, expert tuition I was able to launch my voice-over career. Shortly after recording my professional demo at The Showreel with Mike, I secured a top agent, received some high-profile bookings as a direct result of that demo without having to audition and since, have made a living as an international voice-over artist. It wouldn’t have been possible without Mike and JP! Thanks for everything and your continued support!

Attila Puskas

Great teaching and valuable experience Gaines here. I can recommend full heartedly!

Charlotte Grimes

Had a great time at The Showreel to do my Mix and Match showreel with Mike. His years of experience really show, when he can tell the difference between several different takes, that all sounded the same to me! Really pleased with my final edit! Just hope everyone else likes it as much as I do!

Jorge Gonzalez

JP and Yvonne have been instrumental in helping me to get an understanding of my own voice and building the confidence to record in the studio. Their workshops are very informative, fun and welcoming, and I highly recommend it to anybody who is interested in voice acting.

Update: Having recently done some workshops and sessions with Mike, I’ve also learnt how to properly record, edit and master my own audio for professional production.

Since then, my recordings have been quality approved by a variety of sources, including ACX (Audible) who I am now recording audiobooks with. This would not have been possible without Mike’s technical guidance.

Once again, I would highly recommend The Showreel to anyone who is serious about getting into the voiceover industry. Thanks guys!


Very useful and enjoyable introduction to the world of voice over with JP at Showreel. Lots of time behind the mic and learning from the other course participants as well as JP. The feedback was extremely helpful. This was money well spent and I do not hesitate to recommend a day with JP to anyone interested in voice over work.


I booked the 2, 1-day courses: ‘Intro to Voice Over Workshop’ and ‘Audiobook Workshop’ and they were awesome! The information they contain is amazing, just so much starter knowledge about the industry. As a person looking into this as a possible career, it gives you a real understanding of what that will entail, and is a great intro to the industry as a whole. Both Tamsin and JP are incredibly knowledgeable about their respective areas, and also friendly and fun to spend time with.
A Most enjoyable 2 days spent at the studio, and I will most certainly be going back for more!


Just redone some showreels under the excellent guiding hand of voice producer Mike Charters. First class as always, now keenly awaiting the finished articles to post up on my voiceover website. Great guiding and mentoring to get the best from me. Would thoroughly recommend.

Oliver McMullen

The Showreel is always great – absolutely fab people to work with. My 121 practice session and showreel production with Mike went like a dream – and the results are tip top. I have used them before and will definitely use them again. Highly recommended

Siobhan Dowd

Mike and JP have been absolutely key in developing my voiceover skills and then recording my wonderful Demo Reels. Would highly recommend The Showreel to anyone starting out (or already working) in voiceover. Thanks!

Harprit Gill

I attended the VO intro workshop with JP, it was an amazing day. Although i went in quite nervous, I soon forgot the nerves as JP made us all very comfortable with his humorous, yet very professional approach. I came away buzzing with so many helpful Tips and information. If you are looking for a great VO experience, then this is the workshop for you. I have already booked my next session!

James Miller

I recently went to The Showreel to record a new commercial and corporate showreel package.

I spent a 4 hour session with Mike the producer and he was absolutely fantastic. I really felt like he understood what I wanted from my reels, and it was obvious that he had a great deal of knowledge about how I could improve my delivery in order to get the read I was after. I would recommend this service to anyone looking to freshen up their showreels.

Dan Mersh

Was great working with Mike, he was very supportive and helpful and have ended up with two terrific reels. Couldn’t recommend highly enough!

Suzanne Levy

I recently recorded a new corporate narration demo with JP, having begun my voiceover training with The Showreel and completed a range of courses with them over the last few years. As always, JP was friendly and welcoming. He skilfully combines putting you at your ease with expert direction, fostering a relaxed and fun recording session, with the freedom to be creative while benefiting from his extensive experience. He is a joy to work with and I’m delighted with the finished product.

Jonathan Pembroke

Great support, direction, sound design and altogether a top creative experience. Thanks to Mike, Craig and the equally excellent JP.

Nelly Debeaux

I have just done the first day workshop with JP and I loved it. Very friendly and fun way to discover how the voice over world works and your signature voice.
Being in the studio booth is a bit scary at first but JP helps a lot to make you feel confortable and confident ! It was great 🙂 Looking forward to the next step.

Callum A

I had an absolutely fantastic time. I’ve learnt so much from one session already, and am looking forward to continuing my journey with The Showreel. JP was very welcoming, enthusiastic and extremely helpful. He made me feel very relaxed, as I was quite nervous to begin with. 10/10 would recommend to everyone wanting to get into the Voice Over industry.

Julia Blecher

JP and Mike are both lovely to work with. JP gave me great advice regarding my voicereel. Beside the voice over and home studio 1:2:1s they offer, they offer some very good workshops indeed.

Lorène Cazals

Excellent and useful workshops. The work done on demos is amazing and the team is incredibly professional. Highly recommended.

Felicity Cripps

Such a fantastic experience , I was pleasantly surprised how much I took away from the workshop and the best part – I have a voice! JP clearly has a lot of knowledge and gives professional advice, direction and insight with a healthy dose of humour and positivity. Plenty of opportunity behind the mic to try out handpicked scripts suited to my voice/ style. The follow-up feedback is thorough with plenty of hints, tips, links – I have already started on my homework! I recommend this to anyone wanting a comprehensive and enjoyable start to their voiceover journey.

Colette Hart

Great Home Studio Workshop – very informative, practical and fun.

Andrew Cullingford

Last week I attended the Intro to Voice Over Workshop led by JP. I was a little nervous but JP was fantastic at putting all of us at our ease. It was great to be in an actual recording studio as it was a very good approximation of the ‘real thing’. We performed voice overs suited to our own voices, received feedback and then had another crack. JP is a charming fount of detailed knowledge and amusing relevant anecdotes from the profession. I enjoyed the experience and JP’s feedback provides a lot of pointers, telling you what to do and how to go about it. On to the next step.

Duncan Holmes

Fantastic direction from JP, in professional, well fitted and maintained studios. Exactly what recording studios should be – the bar is set high for everyone else! Great place whether you want to learn the basics or to train existing skills.

rebecca westberry

JP was fantastic! It was my first time doing anything voice related and I felt I learn’t a lot. It was really enjoyable and great to learn off others. JP not only gave me knowledge about how to do a great voice over but also gave a lot of knowledge about the industry which was very helpful. Thank you!

Tj Shoesmith

Great one to one session with Mike, which has got me far closer to the home recording studio I’m looking to build. Looking forward to being back soon.

Natty J. Cifuentes

Loved the Starter-Package! JP and Mike are super nice, very professional and helpful! Working with them on workshops and 1-2-1s is lots of fun and very informative, especially when you are starting off in the business. I will definitely be back for more! Thank you again for the great advice and wonderful material, guys!

Tracy Collier

I was so impressed by the detail that JP goes into in his preparation alone. Even though the workshop was a group event, I felt as if he had really planned it on an individual basis. His expertise was clearly evident in his knowledge of the voiceover world and technique and also in his ability as a coach. It was inspiring. I learned so much in a relatively short time. I will certainly be booking more sessions and a voice reel with him.

Frazer Ives

Recently completed the ‘Intro to VO Workshop’ with JP and if you’re interested in the world of VO/VA, I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Very fun and informative, whilst also providing a relaxed environment so you feel completely at ease. JP really does know his stuff when it comes to the industry and what it takes to make it.

So if you’re at all interested in seeing what it takes or just fancy trying something different, I would highly recommend taking this course, you won’t be disappointed.

Lewis Allcock

I work as an actor, and I contacted The Showreel after being recommended by a fellow actor I met on a film job. I was encouraged to take part in the fabulous Introductory Workshop with JP, which proved highly useful. Not only did you get time behind the mic, but excellent constructive feedback on the best way forward from there. I then did several 1-2-1 sessions with Mike, and (with a good deal of practice at home) reached a stage where I was ready to record my demo. I was very pleased with them, and it was great to work closely with Mike to arrive at some reads which really played to my strengths and suited my voice/accent. I now have VO representation after I sent my demos out to voice agents, and I have done a VO job already!

B Colada

Had a great day on the ‘Intro to Voiceover’ workshop. JP had everyone feeling relaxed and comfortable. I met some really nice people as well. I learned a lot in just one day and will definitely be going back for further training.

Randle Stonier

Voiceover training – an incredibly useful couple of sessions today. So many take-outs and tips. Awesome! I’m looking forward to the next download come next week’s workshop. Thanks Showreel.

James Falkner

An amazing experience that filled me with confidence. You learn a huge amount and JP is a great teacher. I can’t recommend The Showreel enough. If you’re taking your first steps into voice over, this has to be the place to start.

David Beatty

I had a great day at the Intro to Voiceover Workshop. The work was really interesting and JP made everything relaxed and fun. Highly Recommended!

Natasha Springer

This session was fab! JP so knows his stuff and has a great soothing energy and personable approach. Full of information and inspiration to get you going. I highly recommend it!

Lizzie Jobling

I began my Voice Over Journey earlier this year with The Showreel’s, Voice Over Journey Package. I attended the Introduction to VO workshop with JP back in February. It was EXACTLY what I needed to begin my VO venture. Informative, fun, interesting and practical! I came away feeling I had gained a real understanding about VO that I just wouldn’t have got without this worksop. JP IS a true pro!

I then went on to complete my three 121 sessions with the incredibly experienced Mike. He made me feel comfortable and confident. I began my sessions as a complete novice, but by the time I had completed my training with Mike I had upgraded to a professional Mix and Match Demo that I can be proud of!

I had such confidence with the guys at The Showreel that I also invested in their VO Business planning Workshop with professional VO artist Craig Van Ness and their very own Mike Charters Home Studio Workshop.

I will come back again and again to the guys at The Showreel. They know their stuff and they genuinely want you to know it too!

Whether you’re a total pro wanting to up skill yourself or a newbie to the VO world The Showreel is A MUST!!

Matteo Gravina

Fantastic experience. JP has been really amazing in sharing his passion with me. He really loves what he does and gave me great information and advice to boost my capabilities further. We had a great fun and we also learned a lot about this challenging but amazing profession. Thank you JP and thank you Showreel.

Allie Minns

I’ve now completed my demo with The Showreel team, JP and Mike, and I can’t rate them highly enough. JP introduced the world of voiceover in such an informative and relaxed way, I felt ready to achieve anything & Mike’s Home Studio Course & subsequent 121’s to prepare me for my demo, were extremely helpful & opened my eyes to the reality of my new career choice. It also really benefited my confidence and knowledge to get behind a mic and practise with a seasoned pro!

You won’t regret being taught at The Showreel, I’m going back for more asap.

Andrew Gardner

I recently attended an “Introduction to Voice Over” workshop with JP, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Expert advice, amazing facilities, and a wealth of information both during and after the course. If you have an interest in voice over work, you couldn’t get a better introduction!

Orson Deimel

The day session was very informative and a lot of fun. JP was great at sharing his 30 years of experience in an insight full and enjoyable way. Well worth the money. Highly recommended for anyone thinking of exploring the world of voiceovers.

Steve Crosbie

A great ‘intro to voice over’ workshop. A wealth of experience & information. Too much to take in, even with the use of notebook & the provided dedicated pencil. Thankfully access to vast on-line resources and detailed personal feedback from JP help to make the most of this great learning opportunity.
The other students on the workshop were also a great bunch. The only thing I felt was missing was an after-party!

Blandine Mathey

All the way from the Intro Workshop with JP to 1-2-1 sessions under Mike’s expertise! Their invaluable and collaborative work have enabled me to develop new skills and build in self-confidence to take on the VO journey. I’m so pleased with my demo! All in a relax atmosphere but no less professional. Highly recommended!

Verity Panter

I had a fantastic few hours putting together some showreels with Mike. Having discussed and chosen my scripts before hand, he was organised with the appropriate music when I arrived. He has the expertise and knowledge to think on his feet and produced a new script for me when one I had chooses was not working out so well. I also received my reels back extremely quickly. I had a fun and informative session with Mike and I would highly recommend The Showreel!

Jacqui Lofthouse

JP is a superb teacher. I learned so much from my workshop day at The Showreel and had great fun in the process. I came away with a clear understanding of my voice and its possibilities and with lots of advice and information about next steps. I can’t wait to get back in the studio! Highly recommended to anyone interested in exploring the voiceover world…

Hamish Cantlay

What an awesome day; what an awesome experience; what an awesome team. JP and Mike made me (and the rest of the newbies) feel at ease and really welcome. JP’s knowledge and experience was abundantly clear from the direction and coaching we received and it made for a very professional, well run, fun-filled day which I would recommend to anyone thinking about dipping their toe into the Voice-over world.

Alex T Ripper

I can’t speak highly enough of the experience I had on their Intro Workshop! The welcome was warm and JP really cared about making sure everyone present was at ease and comfortable throughout the session
The whole process was professional and the feedback was both encouraging and honest – at no time was there ever any sense that they were simply trying to sell anything.
All in all it was a really enjoyable experience and I am looking forward to working with them again!

Sophie Kamal

What a fantastic place. Did the Intro to Voice Over workshop today and was truly inspired and enthused by JP. He is full of enthusiasm and is encouraging but honest. He shared so much information with us and we all left feeling we had learnt a lot and had a really great day. Thank you so much!

Gordon Peaston

I’m delighted with my voice demo. Straight from the off I knew my voice was in good hands! From my initial consultation, having pieces provided for selection to the actual recording I was expertly guided through every step. The care and attention is flawless. It was a relaxed session with great support and productive feedback. Highly recommended.

Lucy Agazarian

An enormous thank you to JP at The Showreel for a fantastic introduction day learning about voice overs. His knowledge is outstanding, and I recommend this day 100% to anyone who is interested in finding out more on the subject. The classes are small, and his personality shines through putting us all at ease. I look forward to the next stage.

Jack Wright

I had an absolute blast on my introduction to voice-over workshop.
JP has a wealth of knowledge and was a delight to be instructed by. Once the workshop was over he sent over my MP3 files and the next day an extremely comprehensive critique of my session. This included homework to do before the next time and some top tips. I am already planning on booking my 121 session with him to get some more time behind the mic.

Karel Hutter

Had a great informative 3 day workshop. Learnt loads about character voices guided by with the wonderful Yvonne Morley and JP Orr. Lots of laughs too! Highly recommended!

Philip Barnes

Had a fantastic time at The Showreel, was a super relaxed and informative day and I’m really looking forward to doing another session there when I can.

Matt da Gama

The Intro to VO workshop with JP was amazing! A small group of 7 meant we all got some mic time but also had the chance to hear others and learn from them too! JP was knowledgeable and approachable and quite frank in his feedback which is the only way that we can really move forward!

Will be coming back sooner rather than later!

Tom Turner

The narration masterclass was enjoyable, useful and good value for money. Very good staff and facilities.

Dilys Twiggs

I always look forward to my days at The Showreel, Jp makes it all seem easy and fun.Very much enjoying working with JP and Yvonne Morley at present on Character voices,thanks for only laughing at me in the best way!


The Showreel, with special mention to JP, hit that amazing balance between professional and relaxed that I absolutely adore. Full of knowledge and very approachable, the courses here are well worth your time.
Thanks again JP, see you all soon.

Jason Delplanque

JP’s knowledge and experience was incredibly helpful and the workshop was delivered in an approachable and open manner. Also had plenty of practical time behind the microphone. Learnt a great deal and ready for more! Highly recommended.

Jonathan Brill

Good value: excellent balance between theory and practice; the group dynamic worked well and JP’s expertise was invaluable

Richard Hayes

A great day had at the Intro to Voice Over workshop, the immensely knowledgeable and talented JP really put me at ease and really encouraged a great group dynamic, helping all of us to get the best out of our voices. I went in nervous and came away inspired!

Paul Robinson

Had a fantastic experience in December 2017! Looking forward to booking 1-2-1 sessions shortly. I’d recommend this to anyone with even the slightest potential interest in being a voice artist!

Josh Noik

Just came back from Showreel’s Intro to Voiceover workshop- both highly informative and enjoyable in an incredibly professional yet unintimidating environment- couldn’t recommend it more!!!

Alicia Bastos

I had a brilliant day with JP and the other people in the workshop. JP is extremely experienced and has a lot of knowledge to share. By the end of the day I felt much more comfortable and confident.

Beth Johnston

Just had my Intro To Voiceover Workshop, I’ve learnt so much today! Loved the practical approach and learning from listening to others and having lots of mic time myself. JP is engaging and funny and really knows his stuff- it’s clear he loves his job so much and his passion is infectious. The studio is gorgeous and stylish. I’m looking forward to my next sessions and would highly recommend this course to everyone!

David Rumble

Loved my day at The Showreel! JP greeted us with a very warm welcome and we set about our discovery day in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere. The workshop was extremely informative and getting behind the microphone was exciting too. I used my time there as a valuable insight session, and with the excellent feedback I received I’d happily recommend the Intro to VO workshop to anyone considering entering the VO business. Thank you so much, JP. Look forward to seeing you again soon for 121’s.

Athena Lawton

I recorded my demo with J.P at The Showreel and it has given me above and beyond what I was hoping for. The professionalism of the staff is second to none whilst at the same time effortlessly making me feel at ease and able to perform to my best. I cannot recommend them enough and am delighted with my results.

Holly Gerrard

Fabulously friendly team of people, great studio set up, perfect pace for learning (with opportunities to pause for questions if needed), and a very well structured Home Studio session.

Stephen Richardson

What an amazing day! Simple booking, friendly and clear communication on the lead up to the day and a well located venue.

On the day, JP spent time explaining the voice, the industry, the technology and preparing and adjusting our scripts to help us get the most out of the day. He really made you feel relaxed, and gave you gentle guidance to improve your performance! I was very lucky to be in a great group, to be able to listen to others improve over the day and to feed into their energy was great. To realise that there is such a massive range of vocal and personal styles was quite an eye opener for me… you just have to experience those goose bump moments when someone just nails it!

A massive thank you to JP, and all at The Showreel that made it possible.

*UPDATE – Home Studio Set Up Workshop*
… and I went back for more! After the Intro day with JP I went back to The Showreel for a day with Mike in helping guide me through the intricacies of setting up a home studio. As expected the day was fantastic. The content was useful, relevant, easy to understand and I really felt I could go home and apply what I knew to improve my recordings.

I would highly recommend The Showreel and hope to invest more of my time and money in their brain food!! 🙂

Jack Forster

Just got back from the Intro to Voiceover course and I have to spread the word!
The course is great!
JP is very funny, informative and a great teacher!
The course content is brilliant and has supurred me on to pursue my dream career!
Plenty of mic time! Note to take away! Mp3s of the day in my inbox before I’d even got home!
Very impressed & I will return for more courses!

Tom Cano

I am very new to the world of Voiceover, and was looking for a place that could start me off with finding the proper tools and techniques to get started in the industry. After much research, I found The Showreel. JP is filled with all the knowledge and knowhow for the world of voiceover. They are extremely kind, patient, and very good about guiding you. One of the things JP said to me that sticks out is “don’t be afraid to make a mistake”. That’s important to some such as myself. It gave me the freedom to listen and enjoy the entire experience. Can’t wait for my 1 2 1’s to start!

Leyla Nikpay

I’ve done several courses at The Showreel now – the intro course with JP, corporate narration with Dian Perry, and the home studio course with Mike. I’ve found them all to be excellent and would highly recommend The Showreel to anyone who has an interest in voiceover work. Great teachers, very informative and very helpful. I really feel that they have a genuine interest in helping me to achieve my goals.

Scott K

I had an intro to voice over worksop with JP on the 15th December. From beginning to end it was an amazing day, JP is a top bloke. He made everyone feel at ease and he knows his stuff. Highly recommended. If I could give six stars I would.

Adam Gosby

Great Experience, and a really fun day, JP managed to keep the whole session really entertaining while still giving lots of information, and everyone had plenty of time behind the mic.

Danny Hardwick

Excellent! I came away with some quality Voiceover Demos, it was exactly what i was looking to achieve, and i was guided along throughout the whole process.
The finished demos have already got me some interest amongst industry professionals, and i look forward to building upon the initial responses.
Even if you’re a seasoned Voice-over Artist, if you need a new demo done to a high standard, look no further

Celia McClements

I attended the Introductory course to voice overs delivered by the humorous and experienced JP. This included personal coaching, practical tips and a written assessment with specific feedback sent by email after the course in less than 24 hours. Worthwhile travelling from Brussels to follow this introductory workshop. I returned some months later to do the Corporate Narration course with Dian Perry , which I would recommend also. Experienced guidance, while being fun, this is a day well spent.

achilles uk

A very interesting and fun day! Learned a lot around voice over and got my professional VO clips. Thanks!

Sally Williams

I did the intro to voice over workshop with JP. A really fascinating day and worth every penny. I can’t imagine trying to get into voice over without doing a course like this.

The Creative Mindful Heart

It was great fun to attend the workshop. JP had some great stories to tell and lots of tricks and tips shared. Thoroughly recommend it.

Camilla Croucher

The introductory workshop was excellent. JP is professional, funny, encouraging and honest. Although I was more nervous than I thought I would be, I felt very at home in the studio and am very much looking forward to my 1:1 workshop.

Alexandra Dover

A great day, I learnt more than I could have imagined in one workshop. Lovely people and very informative. Looking forward to booking in again!

Darius Thompson

The introduction to voiceover workshop was thoroughly enjoyable and certainly the best way to get a look at voiceover, I’ll be back!

Allie Minns

Great fun and hugely informative. JP made me feel very relaxed & I left feeling ready to start my new career. Money well spent.

Fiona McGarvey

JP offers a brilliant introductory workshop, very practical, informative and provides personalised feedback afterwards. A great way to get started in the industry!!

Doug Cockle

JP was fantastic and really knows his business. Easy and comfortable atmosphere and overall a really slick operation. Great experience and I’ll be back for more demos in the future!

Mina McLeod

I just finished the Intro to VO workshop with JP, and it exceeded all my expectations. JP created a warm, professional and relaxed atmosphere and an engaging learning environment. The course was well structured with fun anecdotes and information delivered along with practical experience. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about the VO industry, explore their own voice and get honest feedback and tips for “keeping your tools sharp”! Thanks for a fun and informative day JP, and see you again for the next step soon!

Dom Pisani

The Intro to Voiceover workshop was excellent. Great value, great fun and extremely informative. We learned so much and were given tonnes of tips and literature to take away and learn from. JP was a fantastic teacher; funny, patient and wonderfully knowledgable. I look forward to working with JP and Showreel again soon on my next session. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Georgette Gronn

The Showreel is the complete package for anyone interested in exploring their potential for Voice Over. JP is professional, funny and full of great tips and anecdotes from his many years on both sides of the glass.
A great way to find your voice and build confidence. JP eases you into a working studio environment and encourages with great direction.

Neil Smart

Absolutely superb day with JP at The Showreel. I can’t recommend the Intro to Voiceover Workshop highly enough: for anyone interested in VO work this has to be a must.

Steve Beattie

Voice over Business planning course – a ‘must do’ for all new V/O’s fresh from the Showreel courses. Professional, Concise and Highly informative.

Simon Ford

JP and Mike are gentlemen professionals. Having never been near a mic before, I was more than a little nervous about a day in the studio for the Intro workshop but JP and Mike were incredibly friendly and succeeded in putting me at my ease immediately. They know exactly how to calm you down so that you can bring your natural voice to the fore. And if you want to get straight to the heart of voice acting JP’s encyclopedic knowledge is an invaluable resource. I have recommended The Showreel to two friends already without hesitation…

Camilla Smart

JP was very welcoming, he made introductions with the other people and many jokes to put one at ease. He was a fountain of knowledge and picked scripts suitable to everybody’s voices within minutes. It was a really fun day and I made some new friends : ) I am returning there asap.

Jan Uzzell

Second foray into the Soho Recording Studio! This time with Mike – the hours just flew by! Was stunned when he said we’ve only got 30 mins to look at the last few practise scripts – had been working so hard and enjoying myself so much.

Still have much to learn so will be looking for the next 121 session I can make – thank you so much again – it was FAB

Gita Odedra

Right from the beginning, JP and the team came across as very professional, with a friendly and charming personality. Everyone was put at ease and his relaxed style helped the session to run smoothly whilst also being incredibly fun. There was a lot of information to absorb and the follow-up feedback was useful when deciding to move forward with further workshops etc. A thoroughly enjoyable introduction.

Romola Zwart

I wish I had done the Introduction to Voice Overs, when I first heard about The Showreel years ago. The whole experience from booking to course day was professional, enlightening and fun. Thank you JP. The Showreel were recommended to me as THE people to go and learn from. I now know why.

Tom Miller

A thoroughly enjoyable and professional experience. I can not recommend enough.

Sabrena Douglas

What an amazing day!!! JP was a star from start to finish answering all questions with ease and patience. I learnt a lot and made some good connections. I will definitely be signing up for more classes. …More

Jim Mortleman

Highly informative hands-on introduction to the craft of voiceover, with industry veteran JP. Lots of insights into the market, too.

Carina Dangas

Absolutely brilliant work! Very professional and yet very friendly and chilled. One of the best studios I know in London 🙂

Andrew Sabapathy

Very helpful and interesting! Defo worth doing! 😀

Gill Hewlett Case

JP and Mike are great to work with – clear direction, constructive feedback and they offer a completely professional and knowledgeable environment in which to learn the craft of voiceover work….

Amy Webster

I had a great session. JP was fab, gave great direction and was fun to work with.

Teal Bald

My time with The Showreel has been incredible! I took part in the Introduction to Voice Over and 3 day Voice Acting sessions and I’ve grown an incredible amount as a person. I’ve learned so much, honed skills I never knew I had, improved what I knew and became more confident in the process! I’ve still got a lot to learn, but the future is bright and exciting! JP & Yvonne are simply amazing! If you want to learn, hone your craft, meet lovely people and just genuinely have a great time, literally any of these workshops will be for you! Enjoy it and be brilliant! ^.^

Michael Pringle

Covered a lot of the basics which was really helpful.

Matthew Inns

I joined an Intro Workshop with JP and it was a great day. Sure, I was nervous when I got there, but everyone was in the same boat and JP has such a natural and easy manner he made us all relax and gave us equal mic time, recording scripts from a comprehensive archive.

JP’s knowledge of the business is encyclopaedic, he can put a tilt on a sentence that transforms a recording and the intro workshop is worth it just to witness this skill at work.

Thanks for the session JP, look forward to seeing you again.

Lewis Allcock

I attended the Introductory Workshop with JP back in March 2016. This is such a useful first step for ANYONE considering getting into Voice Over. That session identified both potential, but also areas which needed work. Following on from this, I attended several 1-2-1 sessions with both JP and Mike and gradually got to a place where I was ready to record my demo. JP and Mike are such talented experts, and if you listen to what they have to suggest, and put in the work at home, you can come out of it all with a fantastic sounding VO demo. Thank you so much guys, you have taught me a great deal. Lewis.

Marcello Margutti

Very nice experience! J.P is a great guy and he knows what he’s doing. I will definetly book some other courses in the future.

Jan Uzzell

Have just got home after a fascinating Intro to Voice Over Workshop at The Showreel (Soho Recording studios) under the expert and genial eye of J-P! He put us all at our ease pretty quickly and was a fund of useful and humorous anecdotes that really helped to explain the industry. We all had a chance to try out with 1 generic piece and 5 voice over pieces that had been picked with our voices in mind – Absolutely fascinating!

Am looking forward to deciding which workshop to try next!

Nikki Packham

I thoroughly enjoyed this intro session to voice over work. JP was hugely knowledgeable and a great teacher. I went in feeling nervous and came away confident and excited about the possibilities. I would recommend it to anyone considering voice over.

Martin Kennedy

I greatly enjoyed my day at JP’s workshop. It was informative, useful, constructive and fun. Excellent value, highly recommended.

Simon Scardifield

Professional and slick, this is a good introduction to the demands of the industry from people who know it backwards.

Gill Hewlett Case

JP provides excellent advice and support. The introduction workshop was absolutely brilliant. The atmosphere was relaxed and professional – and I felt I was in safe and honest hands that would give realistic feedback. I will definitely be coming here again. Can’t recommend it highly enough. 🙂

David Hakin

Home Studio Course
The prospect of creating a recording studio/booth/area at home is certainly daunting to the VO newcomer given the array of hi-tech (and potentially expensive) kit one needs to assemble and master. But Mike Charters’ course guides you gently through the maze, with theory and practice sessions that help clarify and demystify and leave you ready to set up your own system at minimal cost. An essential prerequisite to becoming a home-based VO artist.

Marcin Lipowski

The Intro VO Workshop was absolutely one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.
For many years I worked as a VO artist but never had a proper guide or teacher if You will.. to aid and teach how to become a Pro VO.
Mr Jean-Paul is a 150% professional. You can see and hear he knows the VO business inside out. He’s guidance is easy to understand and makes You get the idea of what has to be done and learned for becoming a professional VO artist. All you need to know is there at The Showreel.

If You are thinking voiceover then The Showreel is THE PLACE! Do it!

Tom McDaid

Wow, what a day!

As a total newbie I wasn’t sure how much depth the ‘one day intro workshop’ would contain.

My expectations were quickly exceeded. So much helpful, insightful, information about the world of voice!

JP is clearly on point with his art! Full of friendly, honest, encouraging feedback and great insider tips about the industry. JP’s knowledge and experience (past and present) is vast, I’ve not taken that many notes since university!

Time in the booth is great, nerve wrecking fun! Plenty of practise using a variety of scripts.
JP was extremely patient with me, gave me direction and even with all the rookie mistakes I was making, JP made me feel at ease and was encouraging in his feedback/advice, which helped me stay confident to keep trying.

Looking forward to more training, workshops and keeping my “tools sharp”.

Awesome, just awesome!


Lachlan Walker

JP and Mike are professional, efficient and encouraging.
It’s been a pleasure to work with them as they guide you along every step of the way on your VO journey.
From beginner and 1-2-1 workshops all the way through to recording a professional high quality reel, they are there to guide you and help you hone your skills as a VO artist.
Will definitely record with them again!

Thanks guys!

Andrew Moore

I had an amazing day at Showreel, it was great to get behind the mic in a professional environment. JP was amazing, very welcoming, instantly put you at ease, and his years of experience shone through. I would highly recommend it for anyone interested in seeing if Voiceover is for you.

Stephen Richardson

What an amazing day! Simple booking, friendly and clear communication on the lead up to the day and a well located venue.

On the day, JP spent time explaining the voice, the industry, the technology and preparing and adjusting our scripts to help us get the most out of the day. He really made you feel relaxed, and gave you gentle guidance to improve your performance! I was very lucky to be in a great group, to be able to listen to others improve over the day and to feed into their energy was great. To realise that there is such a massive range of vocal and personal styles was quite an eye opener for me… you just have to experience those goose bump moments when someone just nails it!

A massive thank you to JP, and all at The Showreel that made it possible.

Tanya Russell

Right from the get go, when I enquired about the course, I had the best experience. Mike replied to my initial email about lack of experience, and was so lovely and helpful I booked straight onto the course before replying to thank him! On the day itself JP was a fountain of fun and knowledge. Having left a brief answerphone message, he perfectly matched us to scripts suitable for our voices. That, combined with his experience and enthusiasm, made for a brilliant, eye-opening day into the life of a voiceover artist. While some were more natural at it that others, no-one felt discouraged. In fact, everyone walked away planning to come back. JP instilled a feeling everyone has what it takes, provided you put in the effort. With JP at the controls orchestrating my voice, I wouldn’t hesitate to book in again. In fact, I’ve already arranged a one-to-one session! Brilliant day, thanks so much.

Andrew Vevers

Excellent venue, excellent location, excellent voice acting course (corporate narration), excellent trainer (Dian Perry). All in all, rather excellent! A great day!

James Churchill

Simply put, The Showreel is fantastic. My Intro to Voice Workshop was fun, informative and professional. I’ve made a great first step with them and learned a lot about my own voice and how to go further with my skills. JP is fantastic at getting the best out of people and has a huge wealth of knowledge in VO. And he does it all with enthusiasm and fun. I felt encouraged and supported throughout.

After the session I promptly received detailed feedback on my strengths but also what I need to work on going ahead. Also, the ability to be a member and have a collection of scripts to work on in my own time is brilliant. I will certainly be back and can highly recommend them for newcomers and those wish to enhance their skills. They’re brilliant.

Olivia Murray

Really enjoyable and informative workshop with JP last week – learnt so much and really looking forward to getting back in the studio soon.

Cook Eat

THE MOST fabulous day with JP on the voice over workshop, eye opening and fun, keeping it real, encouraging natural talent.
I will most definitely be booking in for a one to one session, cant wait to get back there!!!

Debbie Tarrier

Always enjoy a day at The Showreel, oozing expertise & friendliness.

Lucinda Morrell

Interesting, very practical with plenty of time behind the mic and great fun. Will be back for a 1-2-1 to keep the tools sharp!

Trevor Jameson

A great day with a great teacher. Thanks JP.

Mark Roman-Gold

I attended a 1-2-1 with JP on 5th June – with an extra hour. I really enjoyed the session and JP was able to give me accurate and instant feedback as to what I need to work on. So if you want an honest, objective, expert opinion then please don’t hesitate to use these guys – Thanks JP!

Ricocheta Co:

Such a friendly atmosphere and a truly excellent workshop!

Donald Forbes:

A very excellent day. Lots of really useful insights from J.P., gleaned from living and breathing the art of Voice Over through many years of experience. Good humoured and slickly managed ‘hands on’ mic experience that did precisely what was advertised. I certainly intend to go back for more!

Andy Mess:

Attended the VO workshop with JP on the 5th May. I had a fantastic experience that has given me the confidence to move forward. The feedback from the session was constructive, honest and