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Want to get started in voice over? You can now buy a complete package to get you going!

A complete voice package to get you started in today’s voice over world!

Our complete voice over journey is a fantastic that will give you a full understanding of how the Commercial and Narrative voice over industry works. It will help you discover your current vocal skills and teach you how to develop them further before you record your demo with us. We’ve combined the 3 steps that you’d typically follow into one neat package and save you £100 along the way.

Step 1 – Our highly informative recording studio based or online Intro to VO Session is your first step into voice over. This relaxed and fun intro session is held at our recording studios or remotely via Zoom. This session will give you the chance to get a full understanding of the VO industry and learn from a professional voice producer getting plenty of direction whilst being recorded. You’ll get honest, professional feedback and the homework and research needed to plan for your 121 sessions.

Step 2 – Your 121 Personal Training time will help you develop your vocal skills further. These sessions are either in-studio or online. This package gives you 3 x 1-hour sessions. With these 121 sessions, you’ll be directed by a working voice producer and have the time to identify and grow your vocal strengths and signature voice. Leaving a week or more between sessions is a good idea as it allows you time at home to practice and return to the studios with more confidence.

Step 3 – Recording your Starter Demo is a great way to get on the voice over ladder and start finding work. You can also upgrade to a full Agent Demo Pack anytime along your journey. The only difference between the 2 demos being more material & time.

This Voice Over Journey Pack really is a great way to get going in voice over and no previous voice over or acting experience is needed to get started.

Please have a look at our clients’ testimonials and see what people have said.

  • Learn how the voice over industry works & the skills needed to get work
  • Discover your signature voice, age, range & style
  • Professional detailed feedback emailed after Intro Workshop
  • Personal 121 vocal coaching by experienced industry professionals
  • Script selection advice throughout the whole process
  • Professionally produced voice over demo
  • Starter demo upgrade to Agent demo option (interest free Payment Plan option available)
  • You can always purchase additional 121 sessions to add to your journey
When you buy your package you will be sent a code that will allow you to book your Intro to Voice Over Masterclass Session. The same code can be used to book your 121 sessions. And similarly, you can book your Starter Demo with the same code.

We’d suggest you book your first 121 session a week or two after your Intro to Voice Over Masterclass Session and you can book the remainder and your demo in your own time when you’re fully prepared!

We understand that the Voice Over Journey is an investment. Which is why we offer the means to spread the cost across 4 months. There will be an initial payment of £175 to secure your Intro To VO Masterclass Session booking and then 3 more monthly payments of £90.

After your initial payment, you will be sent a unique Session Code that will allow you to book your date. And then each subsequent payment will be taken each month automatically from the same card used for your first payment.

VO Journey Payment Plan

If you feel you need any extra 121 training sessions or want to upgrade to an Agent Demo along your VO Journey, we can easily help with these upgrades.

When you purchase the package, you can choose whether you want to have Studio-based or Remote Intro To VO Masterclass Session, and Studio-based or Remote 121 Sessions. The Starter Demo will always be Studio-based.

Buy VO Journey Package

What our clients say

What our clients say

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