Welcome to our Workshops & Voice Over Training page. If you’re looking to get started as a voice actor and break into the industry, our Intro To Voice Over Masterclass Session is ideal. Or perhaps you want to develop your skills with Home Studios, develop your VO business, get into Audiobooks or build your Corporate Narration skills? Or seeking out some specialist 121 voice over coaching? To quickly access the relevant section, please select from one the options below. Or simply scroll down to see all our great voice over workshops & 121 training options. If you’re looking for our comprehensive range of demo options, click here.

Our Workshops and 121 Training Sessions now have online options.


We have many great workshops to help you on your voice over journey and our hand-picked established team of working industry, vocal coaches will share the skills needed to break into all areas of voice over so you can learn, develop & explore the skills needed to give you the best chance of success.

If voice over is new to you, we suggest starting at the beginning with our Intro to Voice Over Masterclass Session followed by some personal 121 sessions before deciding what demo to record. We are happy to advise you on each step.

How to get stated in voice over

Intro to VO Session

New to voice over & want to learn how to get started?


People say you have a good voice?
Want to know how to be a VO?
Want honest feedback from a working pro?
Then this session is for you
Studio-based and Online Options

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VO Journey

VO Journey Package

Save!! Complete package: Intro VO Session, 121 Training & Demo


Looking for a complete VO package?
Start with our Intro VO Session
Get 121 Training and a Starter Demo
Save by buying a complete package
Studio-based and Online Options

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Home Studio

Home Studio Masterclass

Learn how to set up & make money from your own home studio


Set up your own home studio
Get that “broadcast“ sound
Learn to record, edit & send audio files
Find the best audio editing package
Online Session. New Dates Available!

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Biz Planning

VO Biz Planning Masterclass

Learn how to find an agent & market yourself successfully online


How to create your VO business plan
Learn about P2P online casting sites
Learn how to get those auditions
How to put your voice to work
Online Session. New Dates Available!

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Char Day 1

Character Day 1 Workshop

It’s time to release the voices inside your head


Learn to impersonate any voice
Invent new voices from scratch
Create voices for games & animation
Be consistent again & again & again
Online Session. New dates available!

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Char Day 2

Character Day 2 Workshop

Get behind the mic and record to picture


Develop your vocal skills from day 1
Build your character voices
Record your voices to picture
Discover what to put on your demo
Online Session. New dates soon!

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Audiobook Demo

Audiobook Workshop

Learn how to become an audiobook narrator


Become an engaging reader
Research & prepare prior to recording
Sustain a consistent & energised read
How to work with a pro director
Online Session! New Dates Soon!

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General Accent

Introduction to Accents

The techniques needed to create any accent


Learn how to create any accent
Get more work as a VO artist
Learn how to sound real
Sustain any accent for stage/film/mic
Online Session. New Dates Available!

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Intro To Narration Workshop

Get Started In Corporate Narration


Master Corporate, eLearning & Explainer scripts
Deliver ‘on-brand’ messaging for your client
Understand the sub-text in long-form copy
Make the right narrative demo choices
Online Session. New Dates Available!

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Narrative Demo

Narration Masterclass

Continue To Grow Your Narrative Skills


Take Your Narration Skills to the Next Level
Add new skills to your narrative tool-box
Understand your role and your audience
Develop new practice techniques
New Dates Soon

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Acting for the Mic Workshop

Acting 4 the Mic Workshop

Learn Acting Skills To Improve Your Voice Over


Find spontaneity & truth to your delivery
Inject energy and variety into your reads
Develop the art of script interpretation
Connect with your audience on an emotional level
Online Session. New Dates Soon!

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GenAm Accent Workshop

Acquire an authentic ‘General American’ accent


Develop a confident GenAm accent
Gain skills to sound authentically American
Get the tools to continue to develop
Make sure you can nail it every time
Online Session. New Dates Soon!

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Our 121 personal training sessions are a great way to improve and fine-tune your voice over skills before you plan to record your demo with us. Getting back in the studios & behind the mic is essential if you want to plan the right material to record on your demo.

And we also offer 121 Home Studio Training. Develop your skills in recording, editing and delivering or about more advanced production techniques, tools and remote connectivity techniques not covered on our Home Studio Masterclass Session.

Our 121 Voice Over Business coaching can help with developing your VO business covering everything from building your brand to finding work to getting representation to building your website and more. You might want to start with out Voice Over Business Planning Masterclass Session.

121 Training

121 Vocal Training

Personal voice over coaching & development


Bespoke 121 studio-based training
Grow your vocal skills & techniques
Commercial & Narrative VO Coaching
Mp3 files sent after every session
In-studio or Online

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Home Studio 121

121 Home Studio Training

Hands-on home studio coaching & development


Improve your editing skills
Record, edit & send audio files
Get the “Broadcast Sound”
All your questions answered
Online Session!

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Biz Planning

121 VO Business Coaching

Learn how to develop your VO business


Develop your business & marketing plan
The business behind the VO business
Understand online casting sites
Learn how to find an agent
Online Session!

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121 Audiobook Coaching

Develop your audiobook narration & production skills


Discover your audiobook genre
Learn essential production techniques
Develop your ‘narrator’ & ‘character’ voices
Get into the global Audiobook market
Online Session!

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